According to a new report, Pinkfong is set to release short videos, a cartoon series, and a musical sometime this year.

By Rebecca Macatee
January 25, 2019
Baby Shark Illo
Credit: avh_vectors/shutterstock

January 25, 2019

Forget swimming with real sharks—streaming "Baby Shark" is a parent's real worst nightmare. And while Netflix has yet to officially confirm this news, reports are saying that a "Baby Shark (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo)" TV series is set to launch soon.

According to Bloomberg, the founders of Pinkfong said in an interview earlier this week that the company is planning to release short videos via Netflix, a cartoon series, and a musical this year. Pinkfong, for those who are blissfully unaware, is the Seoul-based educational startup responsible for "Baby Shark" being stuck in our heads for eternity.

There's also talk of Pinkfong developing games that work with Amazon's Alexa and Google Home voice assistants, according to Bloomberg. In theory, this could mean "Baby Shark" sing-alongs in every room of the house, on your phone and the TV...and here we thought Jaws was scary!

Of course, it's not exactly a shock that Pinkfong's empire is expanding. After all, the "Baby Shark" sing and dance-along video has over 2 billion views on YouTube, and the song itself swam its way onto Billboard Hot 100's Top 40 earlier this month. There are "Baby Shark" books, "Baby Shark" plush toys, "Baby Shark" Christmas light shows, and beyond.

You really can't "run away (doo doo doo doo doo doo)" from "Baby Shark," so you might as well embrace the phenomenon. And while the catchy song might drive us a little crazy, our kids love it. Just ask Savannah Shayne Black, mom of the adorable little boy whose "Baby Shark" dancing video went viral last year.


One-year-old Exton "is crazy about the song 'Baby Shark,'" Savannah told "We love and hate that song all at once! But it's his absolute favorite and from the moment it starts to play he dances all the way till the end. So, we had no choice but to make him a baby shark for Halloween."

Savannah's 19-second clip of Exton has now been viewed over 78,000 times. We just watched it again, and while the "Baby Shark" jingle is now stuck in our head, seeing the joy it brings Exton makes it well worthwhile.