A 5-Year-Old and Her Dad Are Recreating Iconic Film Scenes on Instagram and the Results Are Adorable

Alex Zane and his daughter Matilda recreate classic scenes from well-known movies on your new favorite Instagram account: @tot_for_tot_remakes.

Alex Zane
Photo: Alex Zane

When the pandemic caused Alex Zane and his wife to quarantine at home in Massachusetts with two little kids, he had to get creative—quick.

"We split the days between us where she would work in the mornings and I would work in the afternoons," says Zane, who's a state prosecutor and dad to Matilda, 5-and-a-half, and Holden, 1. "I desperately needed activities and structure to maintain my sanity and get through the days."

Sound familiar? Same. Parents know that working and keeping the kids occupied is no easy feat—even before COVID-19. But with many families at home full time, juggling work, child care, and school quickly became the new norm, with parents getting more creative than usual to make it all work.

"At one point I lugged a large plastic car inside the house for my kids to do a car wash with in the shower," Zane recalls. "They loved it, but of course it took me a few weeks to bring the plastic car back outside. The plastic cozy coupe sat in our living room for a week and one day Matilda climbed on top of it and tried surfing. Something clicked and I was reminded of the iconic scene in the '80s masterpiece Teen Wolf and asked Matilda if she could do air guitar."

After posting the Teen Wolf-inspired shot to Facebook and getting great feedback, Zane decided to take one more photo every day for 8 weeks—recreating a new classic movie scene each time. And that's how @tot_for_tot_remakes, which now boasts more than 29,000 followers, was born.

Since the first Teen Wolf shot, Matilda has acted out iconic scenes from flicks like Pretty Woman, Say Anything, Forrest Gump, and even Die Hard.

As for how Matilda enjoys the project with her dad? "She loves it," says Zane. "She asks questions and wants to know why the character looks a certain way. It's also provided an exhaust to introduce her to some old '80s classics she might have missed. When we watch them and get to a scene she's recreated she gets pumped and wants to pause it."

So if you're looking for inspiration for how to occupy the kiddos for a bit, @tot_for_tot_remakes might just be your new go-to. Or, of course, you can always bring your kid's ride-on toys inside for a good old-fashioned car wash.

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