An adorable little girl named Rose is wracking up views on YouTube for her rendition of a beauty vlog.

By Maressa Brown
September 23, 2019
Kristina Strasunske/Getty Images

A little girl named Rose is making headlines for a giggle- and potentially side-eye-worthy viral clip in which the 5-year-old does her best impression of a beauty vlogger's tutorial. Captioned "Hilarious innocent 5-year-old doing makeup," the vlog has wracked up nearly 14K views since being published to YouTube September 5.

The nearly 8-minute video features Rose brushing and styling her hair, applying Nivea cream, packing brightly-hued blush onto her cheeks, and applying eyeshadow while warning viewers that they must ensure they're putting equal amounts of the product on each eye, lest people will laugh at them.

She also advises viewers, "You have to take a little break" while enjoying a cookie and O.J. from a Disney princess mug. Cute!

Commenters on YouTube applauded the 5-year-old. One wrote, "This is the CUTEST video I’ve seen in a good while! She is such a beautiful, funny girl!"

While that's undeniable, and makeup and hairstyling is often just another way for kids to express themselves creatively, seeing a 5-year-old imitating beauty vloggers is a bit cringe-worthy, considering recent research on the effect of young girls' focus on appearance. Consider a 2015 study from Common Sense Media, which found that 80 percent of 10-year-old girls have been on a diet, and which points to "kids' consumption of mainstream media" as a risk factor for "developing unhealthy approaches to their bodies."

That said, it's clear that Rose is having a blast—and even bolstering her artistic and communication skills by experimenting with her personal style on camera. Let's just hope that she's being encouraged to hone a wide range of talents, most of which have nothing to do with looks.



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