16 Black Creators on TikTok Parents Need to Follow

These Black creators are breaking generational cycles, normalizing Black joy, and keeping us up to date on natural hairstyles—all while helping us laugh our way through parenting.

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TikTok is a major stage for creators, and more and more parents are finding themselves on the platform in their spare time. If this includes you, we've got some suggested follows with a healthy mix of comedians, therapists, activists, and more. Here are some Black TikTok creators who never miss the mark.

1. Sandra @thehiddensnackamama

Sandra advocates for parents in a way that makes it impossible to keep from laughing. Her "Mom Hacks" series delivers "advice" with an amazingly dry sense of humor, and she shares quite a few parts of parenting that everyone can relate to. Within these videos are also grains of empathy, as if she's letting every parent watching know they're not alone, and who doesn't need to hear that from time to time?

2. Marcus Stricklin @marcusthecreator

As a TV writer, Marcus has to soak in little nuances every day. As a father, he witnesses plenty of little nuances—often launched directly at his face during dinner. His videos are regularly poking fun at regular kid behavior, the dad's side of parenthood, and bizarre everyday situations. He also proudly talks about his life as a Black man, and has an outstanding Black History Month series that he's doing as we speak. This hilarious, dynamic of a person is only sure to garner more and more of a following as things go.

3. Charity Kezie @charityekezie

Many of us worry about raising accepting kids, and we often wonder how best to do this. One good way: exposing them early to the beauty in other cultures. Before we can do that, though, many of us have to learn about these things ourselves.

Enter Charity. She's not a parent, but she makes a point of poking fun at the assumptions and eye-roll-worthy myths people actually believe about Africa. Her humor and honesty pushes us to think about how we may be (unknowingly) spreading harmful stereotypes about cultures that aren't ours. It's a great way to ensure that you and your children help to slowly break that cycle.

4. Kaycee Cousins @cousin_supp

Cousins is another creator who isn't a parent but who is worth a follow simply to enjoy. His sense of humor is stand-up comedian quality, and there's a certain earnestness behind everything he does that makes him an immediate pickup for any low mood. His "Trifling Insults" series just keeps getting better and better. Be sure to watch every one of those.

5. Kay @themomtrotter

The "luxurious, traveling family" vertical tends to be quite lacking in melanin; this is why Kay and her family's globetrotting family is such a breath of fresh air. Not only does she share many magical travel moments that are inspirational and beautiful, but she's also sure to laugh at the same parenting struggles we all face. There's an urge throughout her account to "normalize Black kid luxury," which is a beautiful way of trying to turn the narrative on its head.

6. Dave Ogleton @fitdadceo

Who loves a dad joke? Yep. We do too. And that's why you want to follow Dave. His deadpan brand of humor perfectly captures what every dad looks forward to: the day they can tell groan-inducing puns on the internet. Every joke is well written, and every punchline hits the mark. His account is large and steadily growing, and it's not hard to see why.

7. Terry Turner @tiktokterry23

Speaking of dad jokes, you're missing out if you haven't heard about Terry Turner. While he's known for his hilarious routine of dancing to "Heart and Soul" while telling top-tier dad jokes, the man also has a fantastic sense of humor all on his own. As an added bonus, we often get to watch him dance with an adorable baby strapped to his chest, and if there's anything better than that, we don't want to know.

8. Naja Duva @najaorama

At this time, Naja's account is sitting at 9600 followers, but she deserves so many more. As a therapist who often speaks to Black parents and on behalf of Black children, she delivers a poignant and perceptive view that encourages healing and acceptance of all people. She also speaks from the chest about living as a Black woman in a way that everyone should be listening to. Her book suggestions are spot on, too.

9. Shani @theshaniproject

Yet another therapist who speaks with a voice you can't ignore. Shani is real and honest in every video. She's like that friend who somehow makes you laugh even as she's telling you about yourself. She speaks to all kinds of people, but she is sure to remind everyone watching that culture (both hers and the clients') plays a huge role in successful healing.

10. Adrienne Griffin @driegriff

Adrienne is a Black mother just doing her thing, and it's what makes her so incredibly relatable. Each video bounces between funny, heartfelt, and vulnerable in a way most of us are familiar with—because we're doing the same thing from the moment we wake until the moment we go to sleep. Her "mom life" videos are some of the most recognizable things any parent is ever going to watch, and she often posts videos of support and encouragement. She's the like mom friend you meet at the playground, and that's why we love her.

11. Olivia Ogesam @olivia_chukwu

If you've been looking for more Black child hair inspo, then these next two accounts will fit the bill perfectly. Olivia regularly posts beautiful hair tutorials for both adult and child styles, and she often includes tips for caring for natural hair. Olivia lives in a world where children celebrate their natural curls, and we're here for it.

12. Chloe @ryanchloee

Mom Chloe and her daughter, Ryan, grace TikTok just about every day with new natural hairstyles and kids' fashion tips. Chloe also often shares her favorite styling products for those still looking for the best thing for their curls. The inspiration here is endless and perfect for any day you want your kids walking out of the house looking like rockstars.

13. Chazz @mrchazzmrchazz

Probably one of the most painful truths is this: searching the "blackparents" hashtag brings up way too many videos about trauma, pain, and recovery. Chazz fights to change that. As a coach to parents and teachers, Chazz urges parents to take level-headed and honest approaches to parenting that "break generational cycles," and he pushes back against the narrative that such a mindset is "White People Sh**." His focus on better communication and self-regulation are helpful to anyone, but parents will especially benefit from learning his methods—both for themselves, and for their children.

14. Sharona Drake @sharonadrake

Adjacent to Chazz is Sharona Drake. Sharona specifically aims to give parents a place to heal and learn to make peace with themselves, all while teaching that gentleness has no color. Her advice is always supportive and friendly, and never peppered with judgment or shame. Her videos with her son CJ are always adorable and relatable, too.

15. Hameeda @hameedaposts

Hameeda isn't a parent, but she's an important voice for parents to pay attention to. She speaks often of her experience as a Black, queer woman with ADHD who is recovering slowly from childhood trauma, and she does so without holding back. If you want to understand what can be done for our children now, and what they or their friends may be going through in a neurodivergent or LGBTQIA+ space, Hameeda is a wonderful one to learn from.

16. Arianna Bradford @adhdprod

Initially a mom blogger solely on Instagram, Arianna changed her focus and started on TikTok after getting diagnosed with ADHD in 2021. Now, she works as a Productivity Coach for ADHD business owners, and much of her content is dedicated to helping those with different brains and energy levels to plan or manage time to their specific needs. Most of her suggestions work well for busy parents, too, and she often posts relatable videos about parenthood, adult ADHD, and her life as a Black woman. She also writes some pretty cool articles about Black creators to follow on TikTok, so we could say she's pretty neat. She is also me.

TikTok is full of other amazing Black creators offering up their wisdom, realness, and entertainment so don't let this be the end of your list.

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