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Hopeful Parents Who Lost Eggs and Embryos at Fertility Clinic Win Historic Court Ruling

A San Francisco jury awarded $15 million to five people who suffered emotional distress after a tank failure at the Pacific Fertility Center in 2018 destroyed about 3,500 frozen eggs and embryos.

'Sesame Street' Features Two Gay Dads in a New Episode During Pride Month

To celebrate Pride Month, Sesame Street aired a new episode called "Family Day" featuring husbands played by Chris Costa and Alex Weisman.

More Than Half Americans Want All Student Loan Debt Forgiven, According to New Poll

Democratic lawmakers could cut $50,000 in student debt with the stroke of a pen. But one new poll says that most people support even broader loan forgiveness.

This Dad is Having a 'Tough Time' as His Daughter Graduates High School-And He's Not Alone

A dad took to Reddit to express how sad he was over his daughter's high school graduation and he's raising an important point about how we need to talk more about how fathers feel during these moments.

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Viral Teacher on TikTok Doles Out Advice on Empathetic Parenting

Even little kids have big feelings. One TikToker is helping parents navigate those emotions—all while better connecting with their children—through a series of educational videos.