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How to Achieve More By Doing Less (Really!)

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism and Intolerance

In an era marked by division, teaching children to embrace difference--and protecting them from racism and prejudice--is our moral imperative as parents.

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It'll Be OK: A New Dad's Powerful Hope for His Newborn Son--and Himself

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Mom Is Fighting for Stronger Day Care Regulations After the Tragic Loss of Her Baby Girl

Missouri mom Kaleigh Cole lost her daughter, Brynlee Jones, in what was described as an "accident" at an at-home day care facility. Now, she's fighting for laws that could prevent future tragedies.

Kids Can Access Free Spanish-Language Media on the Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Get ready to hear about your favorite characters' adventures en espanol!

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2018--And The Least

It's official: These are the boy and girl names parents loved the most for babies in 2018. Did you choose one?

Mom Writes Hilariously Snarky Messages on Her Kids' Lunch Bags

Whitney Cicero took to social media to share her signature lunch bags that sport passive-aggressive notes for her kids.

Costco's Colossal Cookie Is Here to Rescue You From Holiday Baking

Holiday dessert, check!

Hilaria Baldwin & Daphne Oz Get Real About Busy & Beautiful Mom Life on New Podcast

Mom of four and fitness guru Hilaria Baldwin has joined forces with mom of three, chef, and TV host Daphne Oz to launch Mom Brain.

Paid Family Leave May Now Be on the Presidential Agenda

While campaigning, Donald Trump promised to tackle paid family leave--but as the plan takes shape, is it something most American families would support?

Aunt Encourages Kids to Carry Doorstops in Their Backpacks Following Florida School Shooting

An aunt from Connecticut named Katie Cornelis took to Facebook to educate parents and all caregivers about a safety tip that could help save innocent lives.

Mom Makes a Passionate Case for Better Postpartum Care in Viral Post

Mom of two and writer Anneliese Lawton shared her experience with lacking postpartum care and take a stand for moms everywhere.

Dads Could Soon Nurse Babies With the Help of a 'Chestfeeding' Kit

A product design student in the U.K. named Marie-Claire Springham designed the kit, which she says could be available in five years.

Powerful Video Captures What a Mom's Panic Attack Looks Like

Produced by UK site Channel Mum, the viral clip aims to destigmatize mothers' mental health struggles like anxiety and panic attacks.

Police Warn Parents to Be on the Lookout for Drugs That Look Like Candy

A police department in Georgia took to Facebook to give parents a heads-up on drugs that kids might mistake for sweet and sour candy.

8 Ways Meghan Markle's Diet and Exercise Plan Will Change During Pregnancy

The former lifestyle blogger and now-Duchess of Sussex has shared a lot of info about her diet and fitness plan over the years. Here's how some of her eating and exercising habits may change now that she's expecting her first baby.

Still Need a Creative Halloween Costume Idea for Your Kid? Look No Further

Whether her son wants to dress up as a fidget spinner or an ice cream truck, mom Brandi Seely takes her handmade Halloween costumes to the next level with moving parts and fun multi-dimensional features.

These Breastfeeding Doodles While Dad Sleeps Are Hilariously on Point

When Mattea Goff's husband asked her why she is so cranky in the morning, she put pen to paper to draw what a night of breastfeeding looks like while he and his "useless nipples" sleep soundly in the same bed.

Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Sentenced to Up to 175 Years for Sex Abuse

The hearing followed statements from 156 of the former Olympic gymnastics doctor's accusers.

Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson East Says She Could Not Put A Daughter In Gymnastics

The Olympic gymnast opened up about USA Gymnastics and how the organization repeatedly failed to handled athletes' reports of sexual abuse by doctor Larry Nassar.

Mom of Quadriplegic Daughter Is Speaking Out About the Polio-Like Illness AFM

A woman in Oregon has been contending with her daughter's AFM diagnosis for four years. Now, as more children are diagnosed with the illness, she's speaking out.

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