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How to Explain Biden's Gender Discrimination Order—in Terms Simple Enough for Kids to Understand

President Biden's order aims to ensure that everyone—including student-athletes—receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. Here's how experts recommend sharing the details with your child.

This Podcast Shares Vice President Kamala Harris' Groundbreaking Journey as a Bedtime Story

The Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls podcast debuted their latest episode, focused on the first female, Black, and Asian vice president.

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Biden's Inaugural Address Let Kids With Speech Disabilities See a Role Model in the Presidency

As Joe Biden stepped into the highest office in the U.S., children with speech disabilities could see themselves achieving any goals they set their minds to reach.

What Biden's Promise to 'Teach Our Children in Safe Schools' Could Mean for Students

Between getting the pandemic under control, racial equality, and gun safety, here's how President Joe Biden's term in office could actually impact our kids.

6 Ways to Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic as a Family

Nearly a year into the pandemic, there are many ways you can lessen the impact of the coronavirus crisis in your neighborhood, from participating in the national COVID-19 memorial to volunteering.