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Families Need Relief—Is Help Finally On the Way?

With President Biden's American Jobs Plan, the Marshall Plan for Moms, and Time's Up's call for a care economy, there are policy ideas for providing relief for moms. But what do they actually do, and how would they impact your family? Your Political Playlist host Emily Tisch Sussman dives in.

TikTok Users Are Warning of a Disturbing Trend on April 24. Here's What Parents Need to Know

Numerous posts on TikTok reference April 24 as National Sexual Assault Day, and, although the origins of the trend are unconfirmed, kids still might come across posts referencing the threat of sexual violence.

Up to 43,000 U.S. Children Have Lost a Parent to COVID-19

A new report finds between 37,300 and 43,000 lost a parent due to COVID-19. These kids may be at risk for traumatic grief, depression, difficulties in school, and unintentional death or suicide for years to come. Researchers say intervention and national help is needed.

I Put My Pandemic Parenting Experience on My Resume—and I Think You Should Too

As a working mom of three, the past year has put me through the wringer. Here's why I think it's valuable work experience hiring managers should know about.

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Little Girl's Video Perfectly Shows How Kids Can Answer 'Where Are You Really From?'

If you've ever been asked where you're really from, you know how awkward the question can make you feel. But this video gives us (and our children) a pretty perfect idea for how to answer.

Reddit Dad Insists Babysitter Cover Costs of $2K Guitar His Child Broke

One Dad thinks his babysitter should pay to replace his prized guitar. But his story struck a different chord with Redditors.