Chrissy Teigen Takes Down Mom-Shamers in Her Latest Tweets

The celeb mom, who recently revealed she's been battling postpartum depression, fired back at critics.

How to Achieve More By Doing Less (Really!)

What is the secret to having it all? According to leadership guru and working mother of two Tiffany Dufu, the answer is simple: Do way less. Sound impossible?

How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism and Intolerance

In an era marked by division, teaching children to embrace difference--and protecting them from racism and prejudice--is our moral imperative as parents.

Why I'm Bringing My Daughter to the Women's March on Washington

Thousands of women--and their daughters--are trekking to the capital to take part in the Women's March on Washington. Discover the reasons why they think it's essential to take part together.

It'll Be OK: A New Dad's Powerful Hope for His Newborn Son--and Himself

A new dad reflects on his past mistakes and struggles as he hopes for a better and brighter future for his young son.

Aunt Encourages Kids to Carry Doorstops in Their Backpacks Following Florida School Shooting

An aunt from Connecticut named Katie Cornelis took to Facebook to educate parents and all caregivers about a safety tip that could help save innocent lives.

Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Sentenced to Up to 175 Years for Sex Abuse

The hearing followed statements from 156 of the former Olympic gymnastics doctor's accusers.

Disney Is Releasing a New Toms Collection, and You're Not Going to Want to Leave These Shoes Behind at the Ball

Your new favorite pair of shoes are about to bibbidi-bobbidi-boo themselves into your life, and you don't even need to throw yourself onto the nearest stool and cry for it to happen.

Thin Mint-Flavored Chickpeas Exist. But Will Your Kid Be Having Any of It?

These Thin Mint-flavored chickpeas are coming to Whole Foods this June!

What Are Prince William and Kate Middleton Naming the Royal Baby? The Top Predictions Are In!

The countdown to the royal baby's arrival is on! And while Kate Middleton and Prince William don't yet know whether they're having a boy or a girl, that hasn't stopped the predictions--and U.K. bookmakers are betting on a little princess.

McDonald's Has Decided to Ditch Plastic Straws

Over 1,300 locations around the UK will soon be switching over to paper alternatives.

6 Important Lessons Kids Learned From March for Our Lives

I went to the March for Our Lives in Washington D.C. with my daughter. As a mom, here are the lessons I'm happy she learned.

Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson East Says She Could Not Put A Daughter In Gymnastics

The Olympic gymnast opened up about USA Gymnastics and how the organization repeatedly failed to handled athletes' reports of sexual abuse by doctor Larry Nassar.

H&M Hires 'Diversity Leader' After 'Monkey Hoodie' Scandal

According to a Facebook post by H&M, the company chose to "appoint a global leader, in this area, to drive our work forward."

Babies Who Look Like Their Dads Are Healthier, Study Says

Bummed that your baby resembles his or her father more than you? Here's the upside: At a year old, children who look like their fathers are healthier than those who look more like their moms.

I'm a Teacher: Don't Give Me a Gun, Give Me the Tools to Do My Job

As lawmakers consider how to prevent gun violence at schools, this seventh-grade teacher insists that training teachers to use guns is not the answer.

Is It Really My Job, as an 11-Year-Old Kid, to Save Myself From Gun Violence?

In the wake of the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, 11-year-old Kaia James from Orlando calls for action and change.

Aly Raisman Raises the Bar for Women's Empowerment With Her 'Aly Tee Collection'

The US Gymnastics Olympian's new T-Shirt line reminds us why Life Is Good.

Taking Ibuprofen During Pregnancy May Harm Your Daughter's Future Fertility

Researchers found that just two to seven days of exposure to the over-the-counter medication during the first trimester impacted follicle development in a fetus.

H&M Issues Apology for Racist Hoodie and Model Pairing

In 2018, retailers are still making this terrible mistake.

Read the Full Text of Oprah's Powerful Golden Globes Speech

Oprah Winfrey was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award at Sunday's Golden Globes. She became the first black woman recipient of the honor. As expected, she gave a powerful speech about empowering women and speaking our truth, that left many in tears and determined to make a difference. Read it in full below.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Donates $33M to the 'Dreamers' Scholarship Fund

The generous donation will provide scholarships for 1,000 undocumented immigrant high school graduates to go to college.

Mattel Unveils Its First-Ever Hijab Wearing Barbie

The first hijab-wearing Barbie doll honors American Olympic fencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad who became the first US woman to wear the Islamic headscarf while competing in the games.

Mayim Bialik Asks 'Why Are Moms So Competitive?' & Stirs Up a Heated Debate

The Big Bang Theory star took to her Facebook vlog to sound off on the conversation-worthy topic.

Everything Parents Need to Know About the Changes in CHIP Coverage

Congress failed to fund the Children's Health Insurance Program--and state by state, kids will begin to lose healthcare coverage. See what that means for your family.

Net Neutrality: Here's What Parents Need to Know

Could upcoming FCC rule changes mean a big shift in how you and your family access the internet? Here's what you need to know about net neutrality as a parent.