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Mila Kunis Says Ashton Kutcher Didn't Agree With the Way She Told Her Daughter to Handle a School Bully
Mila Kunis' advice to push a kid back didn't sit well with Ashton Kutcher. The celebrity mom confesses it was a "parenting fail."
Mom Induces Lactation to Breastfeed Fiancé in Hopes of Spicing Up Sex Life
The mother of two also claims that the milk helps her fiancé's health—but is that entirely true? Here's what the science says.
New Male Birth Control Device That Reduces Sperm Motility Was Created by German Inventor
The new device is hormone-free and only needs to be used every few months—but you likely can't get your hands on it any time soon, unfortunately.
Kids Are Playing 'Squid Game' at School—Should Parents Be Concerned?
Squid Game became the first Netflix show to surpass 100 million views in its first month on the service. But it's not for kids. That doesn't mean they aren't aware of it, and now they're re-enacting the violent games on the playground. Experts weighed in on whether parents should be worried.
Viral TikTok Theory Suggests Bluey Might Be a Rainbow Baby
The popular cartoon has never shied away from addressing difficult topics through the eyes of a child. Does that include pregnancy loss, too? One TikToker thinks so.

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Fisher-Price Releases Special Edition Chatter Telephone—And It Actually Takes Calls
This vintage Fisher-Price toy is sure to make any child—and kid at heart alike—race to the nearest toy aisle. And it's also not the only nostalgic toy the brand has released this month.
Schools Are Banning Fact-based History Education and as a Social Studies Teacher, I'm Terrified
Administration in a school in Southlake, Texas told educators to teach "opposing" views of the Holocaust. Similar bans exist on what state lawmakers are calling "Critical Race Theory." Sari Beth Rosenberg, a high school history teacher, shares the dangerous repercussions for America's public education system and why parents should be concerned.

Mom Goes Viral for Her 'Big Babies' On TikTok—And Some Comments Are Brutal

Yes, her babies are growing fast. No, she doesn't need feeding advice from internet trolls.