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Here's What You Need To Know About the Bill That Would Ban Sexuality and Gender Discussions In Florida Schools
The Parental Rights in Education bill, dubbed the 'Don't Say Gay' bill, is discriminatory, dangerous, and homophobic and would put many LGBTQIA+ families and students at risk.
Study Finds The Effects Of Smoking Can Linger Through Generations
A new study sheds light on how ancestral exposure to smoking can be seen four generations later, prompting many questions about how to better understand health and wellness.
Burned Out Parents Can Only Dream Of Being 'Done With COVID,' but COVID's Not Done With Us
Pandemic parenting is unsustainable—but who's going to tell our kids that? Parents, especially of those 5-and-under or facing preexisting conditions, are tasked with impossible decisions daily, but COVID-19 isn't something we can simply walk away from.
Pregnant People Aren't 'Over' COVID-19—Let's Not Overlook Their Boundaries
Redditor wonders if it would have been better to be pregnant during the early part of the pandemic instead of now. Either way, boundaries are key.
Giving Low-income Families the Money They Need Can Boost Babies' Brain Development
A recent study found that giving $333 to families facing poverty each month could help ensure children meet growth and developmental milestones.
TikTok Nurse Highlights the Importance of Teaching Kids Consent at the Doctor's Office
A routine pediatric visit could be the perfect opportunity to teach a child about consent.

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Teacher's Viral Tiktok Recounting Her Day Shows Us Who the Real Heroes Are
One teacher tells us why she and other educators love their students and all they do for them, but she would also love some grace from parents because, "Nobody, in the history of ever, has been motivated by ugly."
Reverse Psychology Can Be a Great—and Cute—Parenting Tool
Nothing like asking your child not to do something to get the results you want.
Wordle Is My Latest Pandemic Distraction

The five-letter puzzle game, Wordle, is the latest pandemic obsession and welcome distraction from all of the things.