Busy Parents Say Amazon’s Best-Selling Chopper Is a 'Game Changer' for Quick Dinner Prep—and It’s 50% Off

This is the sous chef every exhausted parent needs in the kitchen.

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Mueller Pro-Series 10-in-1, 8 Blade Vegetable Slicer Tout

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Confession: I hate cooking. And more specifically, I hate prepping food. Peeling, chopping, dicing—it all feels like way too much work. 

I have great intentions of cooking healthy food for myself and my five kids, but my desire to eat better contrasts against my inherent laziness which is exactly why I’m so intrigued by this multi-functional chopper and slicer that parents swear is a game-changer for healthy meal prep. And if you’re anything like me, there’s never been a better time to pick it up—the popular chopper is currently double discounted, making it a whopping 50 percent off!

Mueller Pro-Series 10-in-1 8 Blade Vegetable Slicer Mincer Chopper


To buy: Mueller Pro Series Vegetable Chopper and Dicer $24.97 after extra $5 off coupon (was $49.99); amazon.com 

This handy BPA-free kitchen gadget has a lot of enticing features to make cooking easy for busy parents. In addition to its super sharp stainless steel blades, it also comes with three chopper blades and five other blades that can slice, julienne, grate, and shred.

The chopper takes the place of having to haul out a knife and a cutting board—instead, you just plop the chopper on the countertop, set your onion, pepper, or vegetable of choice in it, and collect the perfect diced result in the bottom container. Conveniently, all of the blades come with their own storage within the chopper so they can all be stored neatly out of sight when not in use. 

And with over 19,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, it's clear that this is a fan favorite.

“I cook at home every day and I don’t have any extra room for storing kitchen tools I don’t use regularly,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “This chopper has already proven its worth and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I love that the blades have their own storage space.” 

One of my personal favorite features is that the whole chopper is dishwasher-safe, so after you disassemble it, you can toss the whole thing in the dishwasher. It also comes with a scrubbing brush if you need to get in the grates to tackle trapped food or just prefer hand-washing. 

Mueller Pro-Series 10-in-1, 8 Blade Vegetable Slicer


To buy: Mueller Pro Series Vegetable Chopper and Dicer $24.97 after extra $5 off coupon (was $49.99); amazon.com 

The bottom line is that parents need all the help we can get getting meals on the table (or in the car or on the floor or in front of the TV, we don’t judge) and this chopper is designed to do exactly that. What I love about it too is that you don’t have to bother taking out the veggies you’re chopping in between—if you’re doing a salsa or a stir-fry or a slaw, for instance, you can just keep chopping and you’ll end up with a ready-to-go mixture. 

“I made a giant bowl of pico de gallo in five minutes,” wrote one satisfied reviewer on Amazon. “This is a lifesaver on meal prep for sure.”

Another parent reviewer found the chopper also let their kids get involved in cooking more in the kitchen. “My kids even beg to help me when I use this!” they wrote. “It’s wonderful for onions, carrots, peppers, and celery.”

And if you’re still on the fence, reading this review from a fellow mom is what finally pushed me to hit “add to cart” and finally impress my husband with onion pieces that aren’t all mismatched sizes: 

One mom who called the chopper the “perfect kitchen gadget” and a “game-changer” revealed “I’m a busy mom and hate chopping veggies when I’m in a rush cooking dinner [but now] I can chop a whole onion in five seconds.”

To buy: Mueller Pro Series Vegetable Chopper and Dicer $24.97 after extra $5 off coupon (was $49.99); amazon.com 

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