Ms. Rachel is a Baddie—TikTok Has Photos to Prove It

Have you heard about the Ms.Rachel photo leaks? TikTok has, and they only love Ms. Rachel more. The 'Songs for Littles' star chimes in on her baddie status.

Ms. Rachel

Courtesy of Rachel Griffin Accurso

Is Ms. Rachel a closet baddie? It's probably the last question you'd expect to ask yourself about the perpetually cheery YouTube star, who sings tunes like "Icky-Sticky Bubblegum" and "The Wheels on the Bus" to babies and toddlers while rocking precious overalls and a pink Tee.

But a TikTok video with "leaked Ms. Rachel photos" is going viral. In the past, "photo leaks" have had a negative connotation. But in 2023, fans are loving it!

Ms. Rachel herself caught wind of the TikTok fervor. "I have to Google what a baddie is because I'm old," Ms. Rachel—AKA Rachel Griffin Accurso—tells Parents. "Hang on. OK, I'm definitely not a baddie."

It all started a couple of days ago when a TikToker and mom, Karmen (@karmengonewild), posted a video that now has more than 190K likes.

"Have you heard about the Ms. Rachel leaks?" Karmen asked.

If your answer is no because you were busy changing diapers, reading the same book over and over, and watching Ms. Rachel videos on YouTube, don't worry. Karmen spilled all the tea.

"I just found out something a little spicy about this nice, amazing woman who we all co-parent with," Karmen said.

Yes, parents and kids under 4 absolutely adore Ms. Rachel for her unicorn-like ability to provide quality screen time that parents swear has helped their kids with speech development. Ms. Rachel's videos are inclusive and make children feel special. And her personality is way more sugar than spice and oh-so-nice. So what's Karmen talking about?

"Before she was Ms. Rachel, she was Rachel Griffin," Karmen continues as a photo of Ms. Rachel in a cute strapless floral dress comes up in the background. Her hair is down—unlike her persona these days, where it's pulled back in a ponytail and held in place with a bandana headband. Another photo shows then-Ms. Griffin in shorts, a cropped top, and on roller skates. Citing one of her songs, "Give It Up," Karmen notes, "I always had an inkling that deep down Ms. Rachel was a baddie. I was right."

Photo of Rachel Griffin Accurso (Ms. Rachel)

Courtesy of Rachel Griffin Accurso

The more than 2,000 commenters are so here for "baddie" Ms. Rachel:

  • "I thought you were about to drag her. I was about to get defensive over my kids' bonus [mom]," raved one fan who was digitally breathing a sigh of relief.
  • "I think we all were a bit Rachel Griffin before we had our kids," said another.
  • "I love how instead of canceling her, we all relate to her. Mommy baddies reunited!" applauded another.

What does Ms. Rachel have to say about all of this? We asked everyone's favorite co-parent and YouTube star to chime in. "The photos are from when I was a singer-songwriter here in New York City in my 20s," she explains.

Yes, she read your comments—and thanks you for the love. "The comments are very sweet," Ms. Rachel says. "They make me laugh. But honestly, I'm the happiest I've ever been as a mom and teacher in overalls."

But seriously, is she a baddie? "I'm not cool—I'm dorky and not put together," she says. "I like to stay home and watch TV and eat snacks."

Don't we all? Though Ms. Rachel used to think she'd be singing different kinds of tunes, she loves the harmony her current life has brought her.

"Sometimes, we have a dream, and then something even more rewarding and perfect is in store for us," she says. "My dream was to be a singer-songwriter. Then it was to be an excellent public school teacher, then a mother. Now, I've combined my dreams into the perfect job for me. I get to write songs, teach, and help kids, and I'm so lucky to be a mom. It all sort of happened by accident but feels meant to be."

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