Ms. Rachel and Blippi: The Toddler Dream Team Collab We've All Been Waiting For

The YouTube icons will guest star on each other's shows this summer. Ms. Rachel and the Blippi team talk about what fans can expect from their new friendship.

Blippi and Meekah with Ms. Rachel

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"It's happening!!!!!"

That was the start of a magical joint Instagram post from Ms. Rachel and Blippi announcing perhaps the biggest collaboration of 2023—at least according to the toddler set. It's the dream team kids—and parents—have been waiting for.

The YouTube stars are already uber-talented and super popular on their own. Blippi's YouTube channel has almost 18 million subscribers. Ms. Rachel's Songs For Littles has more than four million. Coming this summer, Blippi and Meekah will appear in an episode on Ms. Rachel's channel. At the same time, Ms. Rachel will join them on theirs.

The new BFFs joined forces to shoot two episodes at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. In the Blippi episode, Blippi and Meekah visit Ms. Rachel, who shows them around the "big city."

Blippi, Meekah and Ms. Rachel

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"They explore the sounds they hear around the city, make a song together with instruments, hop on a train and test out wind tunnels, and pretend play in a food truck, to name a few," says Katelynn Heil, General Manager, Blippi. "It’s a great learning adventure that role models curiosity, friendship, sharing, and so much more." 

And that's not all. "We explore many sounds we hear around the city and play some super fun games like 'I Spy' and 'Hide and Seek,"' says Rachel Accurso, who of course is the one and only Ms. Rachel. 

On Ms. Rachel's channel, it's all about transportation. "The episode focuses on how vehicles take us where we need to go!" says Accurso. "Blippi, Meekah, and Ms. Rachel sing 'Wheels on the Bus' and a song about fire trucks!"

Accurso is a teacher at heart, currently working on her second master's degree in early childhood education. She already has a master's in music education. On her website, she says it was her son who inspired the now extremely popular Songs For Littles.

Stevin John created Blippi and originated the role in 2014. While John still has a hand in the show and plays the character on occasion, the role has largely been taken over by actor Clayton Grimm. It's Grimm who appears in the crossover episodes.

So how'd these two come together? Heil says it wasn't even the kids, but the adults who were all about it.

"We are both really active with our grown-up fans on social media and we’ve been having a lot of fun following and interacting with each other over the last few months," Heil says. "In doing so, we saw a lot of positive fan reaction—fans were saying it would be the collab of a lifetime!"

Um, we agree!

Blippi, Meekah and Ms. Rachel jump for joy
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Both Blippi and Ms. Rachel's Songs for Littles have one thing in common—to bring smiles to the faces of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and teach them something while doing it.

"It is important to both Blippi and Ms. Rachel that we make good, quality content that is available and accessible to littles everywhere, which is why we love being able to distribute to our large audiences on YouTube," says Heil.

"I think it’s really fun [for kids] to see their favorite characters together!" adds Accurso.

Not only have Blippi, Meekah, and Ms. Rachel formed a friendship in character, but they've become friends in real life as well.

"Clayton and Kaitlin [Becker] are both such wonderful people and it was a blast to work with them!" says Accurso. "Kaitlin and I just had breakfast the other day, since we live in the same city. We truly all became friends."

And if they have their way, this may not be the last we see Blippi, Meekah, and Ms. Rachel playing together either. "If our fans let us know they want to learn more from Blippi and Ms. Rachel together, we’ll listen to them and do our best to make it happen," Heil says.

"We’d love to collaborate again," adds Accurso.

Meanwhile, the super-star collab episodes of Songs For Littles and Blippi will debut on their YouTube channels in July. Stay tuned!

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