14 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for an Expecting Mom-to-Be

Welcome her into the club with a thoughtful present she won’t forget.

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Mother's Day Guide for Expecting Moms-to-Be

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Celebrating Mother’s Day as a first-time mom-to-be has an emotional, yet unofficial feel to it. Trust me, I should know — at the moment, I’m eight months pregnant with my first child, which means I don’t quite have the “Mom” title yet, but I can see the finish line from here.

This Mother’s Day, just like all the ones before it, I’ll be agonizing over what to buy my own mom, carefully picking out lunch plans, and probably writing another flowery Facebook post thanking her for bringing me into existence. But if I know my mother as well as I think I do, I’m willing to bet she’ll be sliding a gift across the table this year too, as a sweet way of marking my very first kinda-sorta-Mother’s Day.

If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a parent-to-be in your life, allow me to offer up a cheat sheet of things us moms-in-waiting would love to open this Mother’s Day. Because while we might not be carrying a baby in our arms yet, we’re already carrying them in our hearts, and there are lots of little ways to acknowledge all the happy things that are yet to come.

Honest Pregnant + Pampered Gift Set



It always feels good to be pampered, whether or not you’re pregnant. And while a fancy prenatal massage is always a winning gift for a mom-to-be’s achy feet and sore back, this 5-in-1 self-care kit might just be the next best thing. This way, she won’t even have to leave home to enjoy some relaxing “Me Time,” courtesy of yummy-smelling bath salts, nourishing body oil, body butter for those pesky stretch marks, and even some nip cream (which, I’ve heard, will soon become my new best friend).

To buy: Honest Pregnant + Pampered Gift Set $74.99 (was $82.79); honest.com

Bodily Care for Birth Box

Care for Birth Box


While a peri bottle and some giant pads may not be the most “traditional” Mother’s Day gift, trust me when I say it’ll come as a welcome surprise to any mom-to-be. Chances are, they’ve been focusing so much on setting up the nursery and stocking their registry with baby supplies that they’ve neglected to think about everything they’ll need in those first postpartum weeks. This Birth Box from Bodily will have her covered—right down to some warm, comfy socks (with grippers!) for the hospital.

To buy: Bodily Care for Birth Box $89; itsbodily.com

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow - Gray Falling Leaves


No matter where they are in their pregnancy, I’m willing to bet this mama is T-I-R-E-D. And as that belly starts getting bigger, getting into comfortable sleep positions becomes even trickier. Give them some much-needed relief with the the Boppy Side Sleeper—a new kind of pregnancy pillow that doesn’t take up the entire bed with its long, bulky design and actually relieves back and hip pain like it’s supposed to.

To buy: Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow, $34.99; target.com

Bamboo Maternity & Nursing Pajama Set

Bamboo Maternity & Nursing Pajama Set


Speaking of that growing belly, if they're anything like me, they're probably counting down the minutes until they gets home so they can slip into some comfy PJs for the rest of the night. Treat them to some extra-special sleepwear with this soft and silky three-piece pajama set from Quince. It’s crafted with premium rayon from bamboo and features a tank top with a built-in bra and clip-down straps to make breastfeeding easy after the baby comes.

To buy: Bamboo Maternity & Nursing Pajama Set $69.90; onequince.com

Growing You Pregnancy Journal

Growing You: Keepsake Pregnancy Journal and Memory Book for Mom and Baby Hardcover – March 17, 2020


This thoughtful pregnancy journal is as much for the baby as it is for their mom. While the little one can look back on it fondly when they grow up, it’s also a good way for Mom to record what she’s going through and write sweet messages to her baby-to-be. Inside, there are places to jot down symptoms, stories, and funny little pregnancy anecdotes. You can also record doctor’s appointments, special moments, and store your baby’s sonograms inside a tiny pocket.

To buy: Growing You Pregnancy Journal $21.49 (was $35); amazon.com

Kate Spade New York ‘Mom’ Necklace Pendant

say yes - mom' pendant necklace KATE SPADE NEW YORK


What better way to welcome her to motherhood than to give her a gorgeous piece of jewelry that proudly states her new title? This delicate scripted pendant features a 12-karat gold plate that reads “mom” in all lower-case letters, plus a lobster clasp closure and 17-inch-long chain that sits right against the collarbone.

To buy: Kate Spade New York ‘Mom’ Necklace Pendant, $78; nordstrom.com

5-in-1 Foot Spa/Bath Massager

5 in 1 Foot Spa/Bath Massager with Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Epsom Salt - with Heat, Bubbles and Vibration, Digital Temperature Control - Mini Acupressure Massage Points - Foot Stress Relief Spa


There’s a reason why this trusty little foot spa has nearly 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It has tons of relaxing features, so you can turn up the heat, set it to vibrate, and even get a mini-acupressure massage while you’re sitting on the couch. It even comes with some tea tree oil foot soak! For pregnant mamas whose feet are prone to aches and swelling, this is a great way to relieve stress at the end of a long, hard day. 

To buy: 5-in-1 Foot Spa/Bath Massager, $73 (was $89.99); amazon.com

Proudly Memory Keepsake Box



For the sentimental mama, this keepsake box will give her something to start storing her baby’s memories in right away. Each one is made from quality cardboard and features a magnetic closure to keep things safely tucked away. But my favorite part is the sweet watercolor design the box is covered in, plus the message on top that reads, “for your littlest love.”

To buy: Memory Keepsake Box, $24.99; proudly.com

“The Rebel Mama's Handbook for (Cool) Moms”

The Rebel Mama's Handbook for (Cool) Moms Paperback – March 31, 2020


If they’ve already read What to Expect When You’re Expecting cover to cover and devoured every “Your Baby This Week” newsletter in sight, you might want to switch gears a bit. This honest handbook will settle their nerves, make them laugh, and maybe even make them cry with how relatable it is. According to customer reviews, it reads like a best friend telling you what motherhood is really like—and will constantly remind them that even when it gets hard, their best is good enough.

To buy: The Rebel Mama's Handbook for (Cool) Moms, $18.50; amazon.com

Pink Stork Pregnancy Bundle

Pink Stork Pregnancy Bundle: Prenatal Vitamin with DHA & Folate, Prenatal Probiotics for Pregnant Women, Melatonin-Free Sleep Tea, Pregnancy Must Haves, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Women Owned


If they’re just beginning their pregnancy journey, help the parent-to-be out with some pregnancy must-haves she may not have purchased yet. Pink Stork’s Pregnancy Bundle comes with prenatal vitamins that provide essential nutrients for both mom and baby, as well as a probiotic to help support gut health when all that fun constipation kicks in. Last, but not least, there’s also the lavender-flavored Calm Tea, which will help boost their mood, promote relaxation, and aid in a good night’s sleep. 

(Pro tip: If they’re also suffering from some wicked nausea, do them a favor and throw in some Nausea Sweets for good measure.)

To buy: Pink Stork Pregnancy Bundle, $49.99; amazon.com

You & Me 64 oz. Pregnancy Water Bottle 

You&Me 64oz, Pregnancy Water Bottle tracker with Sleeve & Strap


If there’s one thing an expecting person needs plenty of during pregnancy (aside from extra sleep and pampering), it’s H20. Not only will drinking more water keep them hydrated as their body goes through tons of changes, but it can also prevent lots of unpleasant symptoms like constipation and swelling. This “You & Me” water bottle is specially made for pregnancy, featuring motivational time marks to encourage more water intake throughout the day and milestone stickers to celebrate their pregnancy journey. 

To buy: You & Me 64 oz. Pregnancy Water Bottle, $29.99; amazon.com

FP Movement x HATCH Collection Hotshot Onesie

Hot Shot Onesie

Free People

At a certain point during pregnancy, all of us start putting our stretchiest leggings on constant rotation. But a new collab between FP Movement and HATCH Collection is offering moms-to-be some additional activewear options for those nine long months. This “Hotshot Onesie” is one of our favorite pieces from the line, thanks to its stylish-yet-comfy look. It’s cut from a 4-way stretch fabric, features adjustable straps to grow along with you, and can be layered with tank tops, cardigans, and more.

To buy: FP Movement x HATCH Collection Hotshot Onesie, $80; freepeople.com

Boy Mom/Girl Mom Candle

Boy Mom Candle | Driftwood Scented,


This one’s for the candle-loving mama with a sense of humor. The "Boy Mom" version smells like driftwood, and the "Girl Mom" one is lavender-scented. There's even an "I Wish You Were Next Door' version for those beloved expecting friends that live far away.

To buy: Boy Mom/Girl Mom Candle, $24.99-$25.99; amazon.com

Childhome Mommy Bag

Childhome Mommy Bag

Neiman Marcus

The Mommy Bag is trendy, stylish, functional … and about to become her new favorite carry all. Though it’s primarily an extra-large diaper bag, the Mommy Bag has so many roomy compartments and storage options inside that it can easily double as a gym bag, a beach bag, or even a weekender bag for short-haul trips. We also think it makes an excellent hospital bag, since it can fit so much more inside than your average diaper bag. Fill it with goodies you know she’ll need during labor and delivery, and she’ll be eternally grateful.

To buy: Childhome Mommy Bag, $149.99; neimanmarcus.com

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