Mom’s Enviable ‘Home for the Holidays’ Menu Is Going Viral

From Happy Joe's Pizza to butter boards, one mom shows her love through food and the Internet is swooning.

Sign of menu with chocolate and cookies

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There's something special about little kids on Christmas—whether you're telling them the truth about Santa or not.

But one mom's now-viral email is proving there's nothing like having your adult children home for the holidays when "age-appropriate fun" applies to everyone. This year, everyone might include the entire Internet, though, because her son posted it to Twitter, and now people are wearing their PJs inside out, hoping for an invite.

"My mom's annual 'home for the holidays' email to me and my siblings just dropped—an incredibly thorough, detail-rich look ahead," tweeted Khalid El Khatib, who posts under the handle @kmelkhat, on December 12.

Detailed is an understatement. Mom (given name: Janet) pulls out all the stops to give her kids a fun week. The menu includes comfort classics like Happy Joe's Pizza, chili, fresh bread, mac and cheese, and ice cream. Trips to breweries, a winery, and a possible bourbon tasting are also on tap. Cookies will be served for dessert because, of course.

The post has racked up more than 4.5K retweets and 145.3K likes on Twitter. But the comments are everything.

"1) It's the Happy Joe's for me. 2) I want to hang with y'all for the holidays," replied journalist, educator, and Civil Rights leader Ida Bae Wells.

"Totally following you now, as we will expect daily updates on this amazing week," said another user who just got a bit busier for the holidays.

"Does your mom adopt random people?" lawyer and NBC contributor Joyce Alene wanted to know.

Move over, Regina George's mom (AKA Amy Poehler's character in Mean Girls). Janet is the real cool mom. In fact, she's so cool Hoda Kolb and the TODAY team wanted to talk to her. Janet's kids told her she was going on the local NBC affiliate. But really, she was making a surprise appearance on TODAY. Her face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning when she realized she was talking to Hoda, and it's the kind of wholesome goodness we all need as holiday stress builds.

When she caught her breath, Janet gave the 4-1-1 on the list.

I do it every time my kid comes home because I want…it to be special," Janet said. "They all have special likes and dislikes, so I send out this itinerary, and then they can always tweak it."

All Janet really wants for Christmas is to know what her kids want to eat.

"The big thing is the food. I'm not sure exactly what they want," Janet said. "We've had twice-baked potatoes the last couple of year…we weren't sure the kind of cheesecake."

Mom had to pause, though.

"I can't believe I'm talking to Hoda…I TIVO you every day," Janet said.

OK, seriously, is there anything cuter? No, says Khalid, who wasn't expecting his Tweet to make it all the way to TODAY.

"She's very lovable," he beamed.

She sure is.

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