Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide

Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide is a Windows 8 app created for moms and moms-to-be to track their baby's development throughout pregnancy and through the first years of life. Get answers to all your pregnancy and parenting questions, such as what you can eat and how to keep your baby healthy.

Share pictures and information with friends, and get custom tips and advice on dealing with pregnancy. After your child is born, you can browse through the handily organized week-by-week developmental milestones. In your baby's second year, follow our month-by-month breakdown to see what to expect from your child in months 12 through 24.

The newly updated version of this app incorporates the latest features of Windows 8.1, including calendar integration, the ability to share articles and photos, snap view, and larger images in portrait mode.


  • Track your baby's development from womb to two.
  • Share photos with friends.
  • Updated with new features from Windows 8.1.
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Parents Magazine

Parents Magazine guides you along so you'll know what to expect at every age and every stage, so you can raise happy, healthy kids in a complicated world.

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The experts at Parents magazine help moms and dads keep young children entertained with Carve-A-Pumpkin, a fun app for both iPad and iPhone.

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