Baby Nursing is a free, easy-to-use app that helps you track baby's nursing progress, growth, diaper changes, doctor's visits, and more.



  • Available for free!
  • Track your nursing progress in real time with our easy-to-use timer.
  • See detailed and useful information on your nursing progress including the last time you nursed, daily averages, and cumulative totals.
  • Add photos, sound recordings, and video to see how your baby grows and develops and add diary entries on baby's daily milestones and special moments.
  • Handy location tracking so you know where you've fed your baby -- home, work, etc.
  • Record your baby's height, weight, and head size, and then see them all on a comprehensive growth chart.

Upgrade Features:

With the premium version of Baby Nursing, you'll get all the features of the app listed above, as well as:

  • Bottle: Track feedings of formula, breast milk, juices, or anything else.
  • Diaper: Follow your baby's diaper use -- dry, wet, BM or both.
  • Pumping: Track how often you're pumping and how much.
  • Sleeping: Keep track of how much your baby naps, and how many hours Baby sleeps during the night.
  • Solids: Track your baby's eating routine with our comprehensive food list. There's even an intelligent "Recent" meal list to speed up selections.
  • Doctor Visits: Take notes on key points from your baby's doctor visits.
  • Medication: Keep track of the dosage and frequency of your baby's medication, and get reminders when it's time for Baby's next dose.
  • Vaccinations: Mark off the vaccinations your baby has received, and get a reminder when it's time for your baby's next vaccine.
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