Lizzie Duszynski-Goodman

Lizzie Duszynski-Goodman
Title: Writer
Education: Columbia College Chicago
Location: Chicago, IL
Expertise: Mental health, family, and relationships

Lizzie is a writer and editor whose work often explores the intersection of mental health and family life.

- Lizzie writes regularly for Forbes Health, Scary Mommy, Cubby, and more.
- She is the editorial director at Mother Untitled, a community for ambitious women leaning into family life
- Lizzie is the former managing editor of Pregnancy


Lizzie Duszynski-Goodman is a writer and editor based in the Midwest. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes Health, where she covers stories related to mental health. Lizzie also serves as the editorial director at Mother Untitled, a publication for ambitious women choosing a career break for family life. Additionally, Lizzie writes about parenting for sites such as Scary Mommy, Cubby At Home, The Everymom, and Motherfigure, among others.


Lizzie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago.

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