Leyla Bilali, RN

leyla bilali
Title: Fertility Consultant
Education: Columbia University
Location: New York, New York
Expertise: Nursing, Fertility
  • Registered nurse, fertility nurse, and fertility consultant in the New York City area
  • Advisor for Robyn, an integrative fertility and parenthood wellness support platform
  • Passionate about providing personalized care, continuity and consistency, intimacy, proper education for clients


Leyla Bilali has been a nurse since 2009, first practicing in pediatrics and since specializing in fertility. She works in house at a reputable private clinic in New York City while also seeing her own clients through her concierge fertility consulting and nursing services business.

Leyla provides what is often missing in the medical field of fertility—personalized care, continuity and consistency, intimacy, proper education, more availability and endless encouragement. She has served fertility patients all over the world via her virtual consulting sessions. She guides her clients from the beginning of their fertility journey through early pregnancy.

She serves on the advisory board for Robyn, which provides access to integrative maternal wellness tools and resources, as well as a community of support for all unique paths to parenthood.

I believe that a nurturing, knowledgeable partner can make all the difference as you navigate your unique path to fertility. My goal is to provide the right support system through what can be a harrowing journey, combining expert medical knowledge and experience with compassionate care.


Leyla’s undergraduate degree is a bachelor of science in biology from Emory University and she received her bachelor of science in nursing degree from Columbia University. Her nursing rotations were completed in top hospitals within New York City. 

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