Today’s modern Latino parents are raising kids rooted in their culture, heritage, and traditions. They’re reading bilingual children’s books at home, learning to make authentic Latin recipes, and planning vacations to visit family abroad. From the editors of Parents Latina magazine and, we offer all the baby's development, helpful advice, and relatable content you need as a Latina mom or Latino dad looking for a strong sense of community. 

10 Fun Games from Around the World

Your child might not be able to find Pakistan on a map, but teaching her about all kinds of cultures is no more complicated than playing a game. So next time you hear "Mommy, I'm bored!" spark your kid's sense of adventure by adding fresh international flavor to outdoor fun time. Invite her pals over, spin the globe, and pick out a location. Laughter needs no translation.

4 Easy Ways to Carve Solo Time Into Your Busy Mom Life

It may be challenging, but the most important thing you can do is schedule time for yourself. Not only can it save your sanity--it will also make you a better mom.

Puerto Rico Vacation: Our Easy, Kid-Friendly Guide

In recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, this tropical paradise still proves an affordable escape rich in kid appeal for fun-loving families.

9 Birth Defects and Their Symptoms and Treatments

Here's a primer on nine of the most common birth defects: their prevalence, causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Newborn Body Basics

All you need to know about your baby's skin, hair, and more in his first weeks of life.

Bilingual Babes: Teach Your Child A Second Language

The best time to teach your child a second language is the same time she's learning her first one. So vamonos! (Let's go!)

The All-Time Best Books for Tweens

School is out and it's time for kids to crack down on their summer reading list. Check out some of our favorite books for school-age kids and tweens.

9 Bilingual Board Books in Spanish and English

Want to give your kids a bilingual boost? These top titles written in both English and espanol are as multicultural as our ninos!

15 Toys With a Latin Twist

Searching for the perfect present for a special nino or nina on your Christmas list? Look no further than this Papa Noel-approved gift guide hand-picked by the editors of Parents Latina. From learning toys to singing stuffed animals, these fun toys connect kids to latin culture.

The Broken-Bone Epidemic

Calcium deficiency in U.S. kids is at an all-time high -- and their bodies may pay the price for a lifetime.

Best Vitamins and Nutrients to Aid Conception

These fertility boosters can be found in a variety of foods.

6 Foreign Languages Kids Should Learn

The younger your children are, the better it is to introduce them to a foreign language. Discover the top languages your kids should learn.

10 Best Caribbean Destinations for Families

To help you figure out where to take the kids in the Caribbean, Parents consulted travel experts and looked at info on flights, safety, weather, cost, and activities for everyone. Put these getaways on your family's (sand) bucket list.

Is Your Baby Growing Normally?

Pounds and inches obsess parents of babies. Here, pediatricians give the facts on growth during the first year.

Early Detection: Gestational Diabetes and Preeclampsia

Gestational diabetes and preeclampsia are among two of the reasons why regular prenatal visits are so important.

18 Sweet Valentine's Day Treats for Kids

Your kids already know you're head over heels in love with them. But these Valentine's Day breakfast ideas, cookies, cakes, and even smoothies--which you can make together--serve as even more proof.

10 Spanish Language Books For Kids

Want to raise bilingual kids? Get them reading en Espanol. To get started, check out these Spanish-language books for different ages.

Parent's Latina 2018 Mom-Approved Beauty Awards

Put a bunch of Latinas in a room and chances are that we'll soon be swapping beauty advice--when we find the perfect base or an amazing curl cream, we have to share it. Case in point: We asked readers to test this year's makeup, skin, and hair launches. Here, the products they can't stop talking about.

Gestational Diabetes: What You Need to Know

This pregnancy complication is more common than you might think. Learn what causes gestational diabetes, who's at risk for it, how it's detected, and what can be done to treat it.

How to Help Your Kid Succeed in a Dual-Language Program

Parent involvement is an important element for success in a dual-language program. We have some tips on ways you can help your child.

Your Preeclampsia Risks, Explained

Could you be in danger of developing preeclampsia? We asked experts how you can determine your risk for this serious pregnancy condition.

Is Work-Life Balance for Moms Total BS?

So maybe you're not #killingit every day, but it's not like motherhood is easy. Cut yourself some slack, woman!

How to Teach Your Child a Foreign Language

How you can have a bilingual (or even multilingual) child.

Is Circumcision Right for Your Family?

If your baby is a boy, you'll need to determine if he'll have this surgery. Knowing the latest health info can help you make an informed choice.

16 Easy Ways to Raise a Bilingual Child

Want to raise bilingual kids? There are lots of ingenious ways to sneak Spanish into their lives every day.

Fun Facts About Cinco de Mayo

Get in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo with fun facts and activity ideas.