Teen Mom OG's Cheyenne Floyd Says Make No Mistake About Her Family: 'We're Very Pro-Black in Our House'

Cheyenne Floyd is serious about keeping it real. Between YouTube shows, podcasts with family, and on-screen coparenting, we’ve seen some of her most unfiltered moments—all with her family by her side.

Cheyenne Floyd grew up in a tight-knit household and was raised by entrepreneurial parents and grandparents. It's no wonder she's created a refuge for her own family, centered around breaking the silence around generational differences and maintaining a healthy blended dynamic.

"I gravitate to my family. It's my safe space," Floyd told Kindred by Parents.com in an interview. "I do everything with them. It's all I know."

Floyd genuinely enjoys working with her family, and they have multiple projects going on. The mom of two created the Think Loud Crew podcast alongside her sister, R KyleLynn Floyd, and cousin, Shanan Cablayan, where they discuss parenting, lifestyle, and personal growth. Then, there's OUR CRAZ Family, a fun behind-the-scenes YouTube channel featuring Floyd and her husband, Zach Davis—whom she married on September 29th—and their children, Ryder, 5, and Ace, 1.

Inspired by her family's love of good food, mixed drinks, and organic dialogue, Floyd teamed up with her dad, Kyle Floyd, for a newly launched cooking show on YouTube called Unfiltered Kitchen. They'll create new dishes and cocktails, often with guests each episode, and have unfiltered conversations. Floyd continues these chats with her dad about generational differences.

Floyd was adamant about her intentions. "I knew it was going to be a lot to take on. But I also explained to our producers and the show," she said. "We get along, and we're not pulling each other's hair out."

Floyd was firm about her family being portrayed in a positive light. Often, reality TV is criticized for being fictitious. Although lousy behavior gets glorified, many producers encourage drama, but what's worse is how the industry treats Black talent.

Creating opportunities to showcase Black love and families on screen isn't new for the reality star. Floyd made her TV debut on MTV's reality dating show, Are You the One?, and a few years later, she starred as the first Black woman on the reality show Teen Mom OG. Though not an actual teen mom, her story line resonated with the franchise's fan base.

Cheyenne Floyd and family pose for a family portrait outdoors
Courtesy of Cheyenne Floyd

Teen Mom OG showcased Floyd's family dynamic in a way that made her proud and examined her blended family—the ups and downs of co-parenting with her ex, Cory Wharton. When it comes to co-parenting, Floyd encourages moms to have patience, not pride. She says it's essential to get on the same page with the other parent.

Floyd's advice to single moms is to never settle. Many often try to fit into an unrealistic vision— the perfect house and white picket fence. It doesn't exist. She said that once you begin to let this vision go, everything will work in your favor.

"Have fun, but put your kids first and listen to what they have to say," said Floyd.

The TV show, Teen Mom OG, has been a blessing to Floyd's family. "I get so many messages from viewers. Some may have a biracial child. They reach out to get help with a hair product or for an explanation of something. They feel comfortable enough to ask. I welcome them," she said. "It's great when people are trying to learn and educate themselves, and these conversations are being had in my house as well. We're raising our children to be non-racist but also to be very proud that they are Black. We're very pro-Black in our house."

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