Tamron Hall Is At An Age Where She Doesn't Need a Title To Define Her

The Tamron Hall Show and the titular host’s now 3-year-old son were born the same year. Hall says her journey as well as the new season of the show are reminders that we get to pick our own paths.

She's back! The Tamron Hall Show, which was renewed for two more seasons last November, premiered Season 4 on Tuesday—and Hall debuted a new blonde crop.

Before the Emmy award-winning daytime talk show host and journalist graced television screens with her hair makeover in line with the season's theme, "Golden Hour," she sat down with Kindred by Parents for an interview. Hall talked about her journey to motherhood at 48, the feeling of relief after having tough conversations with family, and what to expect this season on the Tamron Hall Show.

This season of the Tamron Hall Show, viewers can expect the balance of joy and realness that Hall pulls off so well. "It's this hour of joy. It's also an hour of inspiration. It's learning. It's uplifting, and it's addressing tough things as well," she says. Her energy is naturally bright and her personality upbeat, but she makes clear she doesn't shy away from the hard stuff either.

When her nephew Leroy appeared on season 1 of the Tamron Hall Show, Hall had the hardest talk of her life. In 2004, Hall's sister Renate was found beaten to death in the pool of her Houston, Texas, home—an act of domestic violence that remains unsolved to this day. In that episode, Hall opened up to her nephew about coping with her sister's death and created a soft landing spot for him to unravel his own feelings about his mom's murder.

"It was very, very painful, and to do it on national television was a tough decision as well," she says. "I'm on TV, and I have people coming on revealing their pain and revealing their joy. And so it's important for me to share that part of my life with them as well. And so many people reached out to him, to me, and I hope it inspired people that whatever that difficult talk is in your life, that you can have it and you can heal from it, and you can move forward."

It's not only the difficult talks Hall inspires. Her entire career and public journey to motherhood encourage women to create their own paths. Just a few months before the first season of the Tamron Hall Show premiered, she gave birth to her now 3-year-old son Moses after an IVF journey at the age of 48. Things happened the way they were meant to happen, Hall says.

"All of it happened at the same time for me. And I believe it happened, particularly at the age that I was, at a point where I was ready to no longer define myself by a business card," she says. "I didn't need to have the title of such and such show or such and such anchor underneath. I was learning myself at a very late age. I've been working since I was 14. I've been in TV since I was 18. But where I was at that time at 48, I was walking in a different confidence that I didn't even realize."

That confidence does not make Hall immune to judgemental social media comments that go after her age and decision to become a mom: "When I first said that I was having my son, it really didn't occur to me that I was 48, because I feel like my 20-year-old self. I didn't wrap my brain around what that meant. And I remember reading a comment saying, 'Oh, you're so selfish to have this baby. You're going to not be alive to see him a certain age.' And it was obviously very, very hurtful, very traumatic to read something like that."

But Hall continues down the path she created for herself and hopes the recent years of her life— from her family life to career hardships—light the way for other women.

"I hope that my journey, especially the last five years, and that includes my son, the birth of my son, and of course the talk show and even getting married that we get to pick our destiny, we get to pick our roads, even when it seems that people are putting a lot of barriers in front of us," Hall says. "And being confident in yourself is not a negative. It's what will get you up off the mat when you feel like you're down and when you are."

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