19 Parents' Favorite Products From Black-Owned Businesses and Designers

Celebrate Black-owned businesses and make your home beautiful with this curated roundup of décor, clothing, and toy picks.

For Kids' Rooms

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1. Set the vibe

Malick Sidibé pillow
Jeffrey Westbrook

The Malick Sidibé pillow, illustrated in the style of the famous 1960s Malian photographer by that name, will up the cool quotient of any room with a hip, joyful design and bold pops of color.

"The average person in the U.S. doesn't have access to the creativity of the 1.2 billion people living in Africa. Trying to close that gap sparks my creativity." —Nana Quagraine, mom of 4-year-old twins, founder of 54kibo

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2. Introduce art

March for Change
Jeffrey Westbrook

March for Change is one of dozens of eclectic digital art prints on watercolor paper available from MKoby Art's five-star-rated Etsy shop. Frame them yourself to make these pieces your own.

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3. Stash with style

diamond pots
Jeffrey Westbrook

Basket weaving is a generational tradition, but these 8-inch-tall diamond pots have a modern twist: Women in Senegal weave them out of a local grass called ndiorokh and recycled plastic. Use one to hide all the small toys or hair scrunchies, or keep it in the kitchen for snack bars.

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4. Big-kid bedhead

handcrafted rattan headboard
Jeffrey Westbrook

A simple yet gorgeous handcrafted rattan headboard from The Black Home Designs adds natural texture to a kid's room when they step up to a twin bed. It's sold in a newly opened New Jersey showroom alongside other luxe items by Neffi Walker, a mother of five.

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5. Soft touch

geometric reversible quilts
Jeffrey Westbrook

Use one of the geometric reversible quilts from Candid Art, handmade in Oakland, California, on your kiddo's bed or as chic wall décor.

Dress Up The Kids

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1 + 2. All the colors

lounge sets bow turbans
Courtesy of Rah Love's Boutique

Comfy little lounge sets and jaunty bow turbans in the ROYGBIV hues make you crave one of everything from this Brooklyn, New York–based business.

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3. Neat feet

Tippy Tot Shoes
Courtesy of Tippy Tot Shoes

There are few things cuter than tiny tootsies. Boutique brand Tippy Tot Shoes specializes in dressing up those little piggies with snappy designs that actually provide great foot support.

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4. Pleasant dreams

Captain of the Sea Pajamas
Courtesy of Izzy & Liv

Your kid will plunk down their anchor and drift off to sleep in these super-comfy, 100 percent cotton Captain of the Sea Pajamas.

"It is important to see reflections of yourself and your culture represented in the media and in the products you consume, especially as a child and on into adulthood." —Nicole W. Brown, mom of four, founder of Izzy & Liv

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5. Sweet relief

Jeffrey Westbrook

These minimalist teethers for the modern baby are made of silicone and are free of BPA, PVC, latex, phthalate, and lead.

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6. Cloth curious?

cloth diaper covers
Jeffrey Westbrook

Leakproof and sturdy, Pooters cloth diaper covers have double-leg gussets that prevent leaks and blowouts (yay!). Made by a mom of four.

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7. Let's pretend

dress-up gown
Jeffrey Westbrook

The Lily Frilly dress-up gown is cut shorter in front so a princess tearing around the playground won't trip. This fantastical collab is brought to you by a little princess and her mom.

Have Some Fun

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1. Shuffle Up

memory game
Jeffrey Westbrook

Add these camping-themed playing cards from Little Likes Kids to your collection of screen-free activities. The brand makes excellent puzzles as well.

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2. Bathing buds

bath toys
Jeffrey Westbrook

A program director at a facility for children wanted to ease bathtime angst for his little clients. He pitched these cute bath toys on Shark Tank and made it happen. Now all parents can have an easier time enticing tykes into the tub.

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3. Birthday bird

plush toy named Happy
Jeffrey Westbrook

Start a birthday tradition with this plush toy named Happy, who will "arrive" from the land of Tuyu each year to celebrate. Scan the smart code in the accompanying book to hear an original birthday song, and record birthday memories inside.

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4. New friends

diverse line of dolls
Jeffrey Westbrook

Worldgirls is a diverse line of dolls, each with a backstory from a different country around the globe. They're designed by twin sisters who give every doll a character such as warrior, healer, explorer, rebel, or scholar.

"We hope Worldgirls will encourage children to foster meaningful connections with people—and dolls!—from different backgrounds, which will change the world for the better." —Laken and Carlissa King, creators of Worldgirls

You've Got Mail

Subscription boxes offer a way to keep the fun coming on the regular.

What's the Story?

Receive a package with two or three curated reads featuring Black characters. The books become more advanced as your kid grows older. Monthly, $28, three-month prepay, $80, six-month prepay, $151, one-year prepay, $286.

Hands-On Science

Kids from pre-K to seventh grade get a STEAM-centric box with a book on a Black trailblazer or a child hero, plus a creative project and an activity built around the likes of robotics or chemistry. Monthly, $35 per box, three-month prepay, $90.

A Little of Everything

Each Brown Sugar Box, recommended for ages 4 to 9, includes something to wear, décor, toys, and books. $55 per quarter.

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