Kaavia James Wasn't Tired, She Just Wasn't Ready to Leave Yet—And We've All Been There

The 3-year-old daughter of Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade could’ve danced all night.

One of the best things about children is their unapologetic emotional transparency. We might not always know why our kids are upset, or even how to fix it, but there's no doubting how they feel when they feel strongly. The explanations just require a little investigating.

Kaavia Wade stands on a table with next to her dad Dwayne Wade during a Sparks WNBA game
Jason Armond/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

America's favorite toddler, 3-year-old Kaavia James Union Wade, recently rode an all-too-familiar emotional roller coaster when her mom, actress Gabrielle Union, pulled her out of a party before she was ready to go.

On Monday, Union shared a slideshow on Instagram of Kaavia hanging with her dad, Dwyane Wade, at a party, on the dance floor barefoot, and staring seriously at the camera. Though some said Kaavia was displaying typical toddler tiredness, Union said Kaavia just wasn't ready to leave.

In reverse order, the images show the youngest member of the Union-Wade crew having the time of her life. "@kaaviajames looooooves a good party and would prefer to be the last guest to leave. This is right after we announced it was time to head home. She was NOT having it," Union captioned the photos, which were jokingly located at "Party Poopers."

Proof of the good time continues on Kaavia's personal IG page with a couple more photos of her and a few friends captioned, "Monday Motivation. Dance till they kick you out the door. Issssssssaaaaaa PARTAYYYYYYY!"

The event celebrating the birthday of the 1-year-old son of Lakers coach David Fizdale, Maximilian Sol, looked like an amazing time, complete with dance lessons. Of course little K wasn't ready to head out.

The last photo on Union's page is of a little girl who was interrupted while trying to get her Black girl magic on. The shoes are back on, face paint is fading, and bedtime is likely around the corner.

We've all been there, Kaavia. It gets better, promise.

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