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Woman Called the Police on a Little Girl Selling Water to Raise Money for a Trip to Disneyland

The 8-year-old's mom took a video of the woman calling authorities, then posted it to Instagram. The internet quickly dubbed the woman "#PermitPatty." 

Woman Called the Police on a Little Girl Selling Water to Raise Money for a Trip to Disneyland

A woman named Alison Ettel is getting heat all over the internet after calling police on an 8-year-old girl who was selling water bottles to San Francisco Giants fans outside AT&T Park. The little girl's mom, Erin Austin, shot a video of Ettel making the call, then took to Instagram to share the clip.

"Make this b***h go viral like #bbqbecky she’s #permitpatty would you rather my daughter be out here getting into s**t Fr cuz an 8 year old selling water in front of her apartment building where she’s lived her whole life is NOT a reason to call the Police," Austin wrote alongside the post, in which you can hear her confronting Ettel. 

The little girl had set up shop to raise money for a trip to Disneyland, Austin told The Washington Post

According to ABC News, Ettel took issue with the little girl's volume. She told ABC News that she never spoke to Austin's daughter, but says her building's security guard first tried to get the girl and her mom to keep the noise down or move, saying she "did phone the police but not to report them" and that she "simply wanted to know if what they were doing was legal."

"She never asked us to be quiet," Austin told theToday show. "She just came out and directly demanded to see a permit to sell water from an 8-year-old. That woman thought she could use her white privilege, and it didn’t work.”

Critics all over the internet understandably responded with eye rolls and aggravation that Ettel felt it necessary to check with law enforcement, as it echoes far too many recent headlines involving white people calling police on people of color for thoroughly innocent activities. 

Thankfully, since the video has gone viral, Austin received tons of supportive messages. She posted a follow-up message to share her gratitude.