Two years ago, a baby in Bishop Curry's neighborhood passed away after she was left in a car on a hot summer day. It inspired the regular STEM camp attendee to invent a device that could preempt future incidents.

Bishop Curry

Since 1998, an average of 37 children have died each year in the U.S. of heat stroke in cars. Now, a 10-year-old named Bishop Curry has invented a device that could greatly reduce that number. 

Two years ago, a baby named Fern in Bishop's neighborhood passed away after she was left in a car in the summer heat. A regular attendee of robotics and STEM camp and young inventor, Bishop knew he could do something to prevent similar tragedies from occurring. He sketched out a simple device, for which he received a patent in April. 

According to GoFundMe's blog, Bishop's invention, which is called Oasis, uses sensors to detect temperature and the presence of a baby in the seat, alert parents first and then authorities to come to the rescue, and employ cooling fans to protect the baby until help arrives. The first Oasis was built from clay and then eventually constructed one out of blue plastic with a 3D printer.


When his parents saw the potential for Oasis, they started a GoFundMe for Bishop called "Help Bishop End Hot Car Deaths." The endgame: Raise enough for legal fees to secure a patent. In a year, they raised $50K.

"We were so surprised by how much support we got,” Bishop’s mother, Tia, shared with the site. “The word spread, and it was so easy for people to share his campaign and his passion. It blew our minds how quickly he raised the money.”

Now, the effort is in "phase 2." His second GoFundMe, raising funds to help Bishop manufacture Oasis, went live in June.

Thankfully, having hit his $20K goal, it looks like Bishop is well on his way to guarding against hot car deaths. “In my opinion, the easiest way to keep kids safe is to always have a close eye on them," Bishop tells "No matter if it’s someone or something. [What happened to Fern] shouldn’t happen to another baby.”

With hope, it will be far less likely to, thanks to Bishop and Oasis.