Is your kid dating? Here's what you should consider before letting kids go out on their own, including curfews, limits, and the all-important sex talk.

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Disney Channel Has Its First 'Coming Out' Storyline
The show Andi Mack is about to have a major character realize he's gay—and come out to his friends. 
#MeToo: How to Talk to Your Kids About Sexual Harassment and Assault
Sexual harassment and assault are problems we can't ignore—and we need to include the next generation in these tough conversations.
Study Suggests Teens Are Acting Less Like Adults These Days
According to a new study, teen behavior has changed—and they may be acting less like "grown-ups" than this age group used to. 
Science Says Abstinence-Only Programs and Policies Are Failing
The debate surrounding abstinence-only education for tweens and teens is a divisive one—but if new research is any indication, many experts are on one side. 
Dad Mends Daughter's Broken Heart, Wins the Internet
Aw! You'll love what this sweet dad did for his daughter when she was going through a tough breakup—and the daughter's touching tribute to him. 

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Viral Short Film 'In a Heartbeat' Shares the Challenges Gay Kids Face in a Heartfelt Way
The animated short—about a teen boy whose heart gives away his crush on another boy—has drawn praise from the LGBT community for its sweet story.
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