Teens come with a whole new set of parenting concerns. Here's everything you need to know about first dates, first jobs, mood swings, body image, and so much more. Plus: How to protect your teen from violence.

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7 Birthday Party Ideas for Teens That They'll Actually Like

Your big kid might not be into balloon animals and superheroes anymore, but birthdays are still a big deal for teens. Take off some of the pressure with one of these party ideas perfect for every type of teenager.
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Your Complete Guide to All the TikTok Personas

From e-girls to soft boys, the wide cast of TikTok "characters" users play on the popular app may be difficult to decipher. But if you're a parent of a tween, you've likely already encountered them in real life—whether you knew it or not.
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Teens Need to Know They Can Make Money in Trade Careers

High-paying jobs are available for students who choose trade school or vocational or technical education instead of bachelor’s degree programs.
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How to Feed Your Teen's Growth Spurt

Suddenly, your kid is hungry all the time! Here's how to handle feed a teen's growth spurt (and growing appetite) the right way.
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Help Kids Lose Weight

The key to shedding pounds is choosing foods that fight hunger.
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5 Signs Your Teen Has a Phone Addiction

Studies show teens are more likely to show signs of depression if they are addicted to their cell phone. Here are the signs to look out for and how parents can help.
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Teens and Tampons: What Parents Need to Know About Toxic Shock Syndrome

More than a third of women who contract toxic shock syndrome (TSS) are under the age of 19. Experts explain symptoms, causes, and tips on safe tampon use to teach teens in order to prevent this rare but potentially fatal bacterial infection.