Teens come with a whole new set of parenting concerns. Here's everything you need to know about first dates, first jobs, mood swings, body image, and so much more. Plus: How to protect your teen from violence.

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8 Great Podcasts for Teens

From true crime to real life advice, tweens and teens will devour these podcasts all social-distanced summer long.
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12 Summer Jobs Teens Can Do From Home or While Social Distancing

Experts offer up summer job tips for your teenager in the age of coronavirus, plus high school internship options and creative ways for teens to make money online, socially distanced outside, or safely indoors.
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20 Questions to Help You Bond With Your Teen

Communicating with teens can be tricky. Keep them tuned in with these tips and questions about everything from the song they currently can't stop playing to what they would do if they were President.
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How to Help Your Teen Have the Best Relationship They Can With Their Teachers

High school is the ideal time and setting for teens to learn good communication skills. But many have a fear of talking to their teachers. Here are some ways to help your teens get over that fear and have a better relationship with their teacher.
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10 Craft Ideas for Teens They’ll Want to Share on TikTok

Have a bored teenager at home? Try any one (or five) of these fun DIY projects and craft kits to keep them occupied.
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Social Distancing is Hard for Teens and Tweens, Here's How to Help Them Cope

Social distancing is hard on everyone, especially super social middle and high school aged kids. Experts weigh in on how to help your older kids through it while also keeping yourself sane.
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Your Complete Guide to All the TikTok Personas

From e-girls to soft boys, the wide cast of TikTok "characters" users play on the popular app may be difficult to decipher. But if you're a parent of a tween, you've likely already encountered them in real life—whether you knew it or not.