The 18-year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas took to Twitter to share the heartwarming story of taking his mom to the school dance. 

By Maressa Brown
April 17, 2018
Joe Moreno and Mom Prom
Credit: Joe Moreno

Just like some people dream of their wedding day, so many of us have a particular vision in mind when it comes to senior prom. For Joe Moreno, an 18-year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas, that vision always included having his mom by his side for the special occasion. See, Moreno's mom had Joe when she was 17 and decided to drop out of high school. "It’s something that I’ve been planning on doing ever since I found out what prom was," Moreno tells "I have always told my mom about wanting to take her to my high school prom."

Moreno wanted to give his mom "the one night she never experienced because of her sacrifice," he told INSIDER.

The teen's mom was psyched about the opportunity, too. "She was really emotional ... and really excited for the day to come," Moreno tells "She always loved the idea."

After the special evening, Moreno shared their story on Twitter, and it's gone viral, wracking up 25,970 retweets and 161,988 likes since Saturday, April 14.

The feedback has been "really shocking" for the mother-son duo.

Moreno says he never expected their story to "grow as much as it has." Though being in the spotlight has to feel good, all the teen wanted was to plan a wonderful evening for the woman who skipped her prom to raise him. Moreno explains, "I was really glad I was able to create such a memory with my mom." So sweet!