This New 'Harry Potter' Glasses Line Is the Magical Boost Kids Need This Year

Kids can rep Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff depending on their mood that day.
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Kids have had it rough this year. They've had to adapt to remote learning while dealing with the normal pressure that a school year brings, as a worldwide pandemic looms in the background. As parents, we have spent the last eight months desperately trying to support our children in both big and small ways (without losing our own minds in the process). We've bolstered them with additional educational resources, attempted to get them to stay as physically active as possible, and supported their online learning as best we can.

But the fact remains that kids have been spending more time than ever on their screens, raising a lot of concerns about eye health and general wellness—which is probably why blue light glasses for kids have been so much more popular this year than ever before. If you're still looking for the perfect lenses, whether blue light blocking or perscription, for your children, Pair Eyewear released a new "Harry Potter" Collection today, and it's just the magical boost kids need in the midst of this crazy school year. 

All of Pair's glasses are customizable, with magnetic "toppers" that sit over the glasses themselves. The new "Harry Potter" line follows suit, coming with a standard base and one of the brand's new magnetic toppers. Additional toppers can be purchased separately and can be easily switched out, giving kids the ability to create different looks with just one pair of glasses. If your kid already has a pair of the brand's base frames, these new toppers will clip onto those, too. 

The Pair Eyewear x Harry Potter Collection features two unique designs — plaid and stripes — in colorways that match each Hogwarts House. If kids don't want to choose one house, they can pick the lightning bolt Harry Potter topper or thematic Hogwarts topper, which features all the houses. Each of these 10 design styles is now available in all five frame shapes that Pair currently carries for $30.


To buy! Pair Eyewear x Harry Potter Collection Hogwarts, $30; paireyewear.com 

The collection is a dream come true for Potterheads, including Pair's co-founder Sophia Edelstein. 

"Growing up, I was a huge fan of the 'Harry Potter' series," she told Parents. "It's a dream come true to combine the story that taught me about courage and inner strength with the company that [co-founder] Nathan and I built."

Check out the full collection here or shop some of our favorites below. And parents, there are sizes for you, too, so feel free to match with your littles for a truly brilliant "Harry Potter" experience. 

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To buy! Pair Eyewear x Harry Potter Collection in Gryffindor, $30; paireyewear.com


To buy! Pair Eyewear x Harry Potter Collection in Ravenclaw, $30; paireyewear.com


To buy! Pair Eyewear x Harry Potter Collection in Hufflepuff, $30; paireyewear.com


To buy! Pair Eyewear x Harry Potter Collection in Slytherin, $30; paireyewear.com