Rothy’s new line of flats for kids are adorable and designed to empower and inspire confidence. We'll take three pairs, please! 

Rothy’s Flats
Credit: Courtesy of Rothy's

If you’ve ever opened Instagram, chances are you’ve seen these shoes. Besides having Vogue’s stamp of approval (so you know they look good), and providing an environmentally friendly footwear option, you can now wear them to match your mini-me. Yes, we are talking about Rothy’s. Just in time for back-to-school, the fan-favorite footwear brand is releasing their very first line of flats designed for kids ages 5 through 12.

Rothy's for Kids and Adults
Credit: Courtesy of Rothy's

The Girls flats, modeled in the Loafer silhouette, come in 10 colors—Spotted, Flamingo, Olive Camo, Lemondrop, Jelly Bean, Navy, Cowgirl, Dark Red, Taupe Heather, and Black. If you live near the flagship store in San Francisco, you’re in luck! You can find an exclusive color, Fillmore Purple, for sale.

Rothy's Flats in Library
Credit: Courtesy of Rothy's

Modeled exactly after the grown-up version, the Loafers should be just as comfortable, stylish, and versatile as your fave pair. They’re also sustainable (they’re made from recycled plastic water bottles)—and are totally machine washable. (So they’re up for the wear-and-tear of your kiddo stomping through the playground post-storm!)

Girls Wearing Rothy's
Credit: Courtesy of Rothy's

“We’ve been working on Girls for about a year, although our co-founder Roth has been testing different styles on his daughters for quite a while now,” a press release from the company reads. “Tons of colors, prints, and patterns later, along with some crazy fit clinics with little Rothy’s fanatics, we finally landed on a shoe we know girls will love to wear.”

Adult pairs start at $125 and every pair of children's shoes retails for $65. They come in sizes 10-13 toddler, and 1-4 in kids.

Make sure you nab the collection online now! These are one of those guilt-free opportunities to treat your little fashionista—because buying new shoes is a good way to start going green, right?