Your little American can now sport clothing inspired by some of the most respected artists around the country with outfits that celebrate diversity, tradition, and authenticity.

August 02, 2018
Courtesy of Tea Collection

Kid’s clothing company Tea Collection is a brand unlike most for all the right reasons. Besides providing high-quality clothing options for kids and tweens, Tea Collection features designs inspired by different global cultures, showcasing diverse beauty in a well-calculated, artistic manner. By channeling the spirit of travel, the company “inspires global connection and curiosity for little citizens of the world.” They do this by sending their designers to explore the “faces, time-honored traditions, and handmade creations” of diverse regions, in which they translate into their designs. When keeping back-to-school shopping in mind, you’re going to want to know all that Tea Collection has in-store for the upcoming year.

For starters, Tea Collection’s first portion of their fall line is available online, and the theme is perfect for closing out summer. The New England portion of the collection reigns true to east coast nautical vibes with adorable stripe prints and anchors throughout, highlighted by costal blues and greys reminiscent of a Cape Cod shoreline. Animal life is a consistent focus that any New Englanders can appreciate. There is a cute lobster print, but you can also find a mystical mermaid design, along with a fun dog sporting a sailor’s cap and bandana, as well as a seagull in a life jacket. A funky grey and red bicycle backpack will remind your child of their summer fun as they head back to school.

Future designs will pull inspiration from Pueblo pottery, all-American bandanas, famed migrating Monarchs, and rocket launches.

Tea Collection is also extremely proud to announce their Native artists collaboration which features indigenous artists across America, honoring some of our country’s longest cultural traditions.

“This year, we are inspired by our own United States—home to cultures representing nearly every corner of the planet. After traveling to dozens of countries around the globe, we are celebrating the cultural crossing of our own neighborhoods for the first time. We are excited to share the global communities that enrich our lives right here at home,” Emily Meyer, co-founder of Tea Collection, said in a press release.

If your little-one is not so little anymore, but your still highly interested in Tea Collection’s inspired designs, you’re in luck. The brand is launching their first Tween girl Collection which accommodates sizes up to 16.

“As girls grow up through elementary school, they are developing their own point of view and their own style. We want to be there for these girls in a way that supports their curiosity and their connection to the world. We are introducing a Tween girl collection, created for girls going through this important time of discovery and self-expression,” adds Leigh Rawdon, Co-Founder of Tea Collection.

Your children are not only gaining a sense of style when sporting any of Tea Collection’s lines, but they are gaining an education and respect for other cultures. By teaching your children to put thought into what they wear, they can only grow their self-awareness and inspire others to do the same.


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