Say goodbye to those dreaded afternoons begging your kids to try on "just one more shirt" at the mall.

Stitch Fix Kids
Credit: Stitch Fix

Shopping for kids' clothes with your child is not always fun. He doesn't want to try things on, or he wants T-shirts you find vaguely horrifying, or usually, he is just not interested and as you hold up each outfit all you hear is, "I don't care!"

So it's pretty genius that Stitch Fix Kids will now send a box of 8 to 12 items for your child right to your door. You take a style quiz (Is your kid musical or sporty or both? Confident or shy?) and give size info (2T to 14). You fill in what you need most: T-shirts, jeans, pajamas, whatever, plus how much you'd like to spend. The pieces will all be between $10 and $35, so nothing gets too pricey!

Just like with regular Stitch Fix, you set the date for when you want to receive a box. You sign up to get a box monthly, bimonthly, or every three months, but you can also keep moving your date around so that you just get clothes when you need them because a subscription isn't required. I wish I had been on the ball and ordered one ahead of a wedding we're going to this weekend, but in the meantime, I can get vacation clothes for my son delivered next week! Just like with regular Stitch Fix, you write a note to the stylist about what you're looking for with each box. My guy needs summer pajamas that are not babyish or embarrassing, so fingers crossed the stylist can make that magic happen!

When I talked to Carla Feely, the vice president for Stitch Fix Kids and a mom of two boys, she said, "The primary driver is the convenience. A parent's most precious resource is time, and parents want more quality time with their children. I know I'd rather be hiking with my kids than shopping with them!"

Incidentally, though I am interested in the brand for my son, Stitch Fix Kids does great girl-clothes boxes, too. And Feely pointed out that the boxes are not just for children who hate shopping. Some, like her youngest son, are mini fashionistas and the idea of clothes coming through the mail is a thrill for them! I love that her son asked that she make an unboxing video when he got his first delivery!

Returns are a breeze

Like with the adult service, shipping is free in both directions and you get a 25 percent discount if you keep all the pieces. But it's also easy to return anything you don't want to keep; the box comes with a return bag you just pop in the mail. Plus, you only pay for the items you and your LO likes. The more you use the service, the better their computer gets to "know" your child and what he or she prefers. And finally, they're partnered with some primo brands, like Nike and Hanna Andersson. Feely said that they pull from some preschool brands and some that cater to an older crowd since 2-year-olds and 8-year-olds are obviously wearing different stuff!

It goes without saying that this could be a game-changer for back-to-school shopping. We'll see how it goes!

Entertainment Editor Jessica Hartshorn is addicted to getting clothes through the mail for herself so figures she may as well do it for her kids, except her daughter insists on vintage-clothes shopping. She's got to go her own way with that.