Sharon Choksi's Girls Will Be line "designs clothes that empower girls to be themselves." The clothes are as practical as they are fun to wear and fill an important void in girls' fashion. 
Girls Will Be
Credit: Girls Will Be

You'd think it would be easier to find practical, gender-neutral clothes these days, but whether your kid is a boy or girl, buying clothing that suits their tastes and lifestyle can be challenging. And if you have a girl, you and your daughter may be frustrated to find that most of the options are short, tight, and brightly colored and/or emblazoned with princesses and glitter. And that's why Sharon Choksi founded Girls Will Be, a girls' clothing line "designed for active play and going on adventures."

Choksi was inspired to create the line after her daughter and niece, Maya and Grace, described the kind of clothing they wanted: nothing frilly, "with bows." and absolutely "NO sparkles." Choksi tells Scary Mommy that both girls were interested in "climbing trees, building LEGO creations, and playing with cars and trucks."

Soon, she was doing some research, collecting shorts for boys and girls from 10 popular retailers and measuring the lengths. She found that girls’ shirts were one to three inches thinner, the sleeves were shorter, and when it came to shorts, forget about it! They were barely a third of the length of the boys'.

Girls Will Be clothes
Credit: Girls Will Be

"Many girls are not comfortable in the body-hugging styles that fill retail stores, but that doesn't necessarily mean they want to shop in the boys department and wear the boxy, oversized styles you find there," Choksi tells There had to be something that was "perfectly in the middle," and that's how Choksi landed on the concept behind Girls Will Be, which was officially launched in 2013.

Girls Will Be plans to add even more styles to their collection in the near future. "We have a long wish list of things we would like to add, because we know girls need so many things with our signature 'in-the-middle' style—with swimsuits and pajamas at the top of the list,” Choksi told Scary Mommy. “You can bet next summer we’ll be back with even more styles of not-so-short shorts.”

Ultimately, the brand is working to do more than fill a much needed void in the fashion space for young women. "What message does it send our girls when all of their clothes are fitted and short and frilly?" Choksi notes. "The girls we know need clothes that are ready for action and adventure, with plenty of room to move and, of course, pockets! Not mini versions of grown-up styles, but clothes designed to let girls be kids."

Cheers to that!