The new line features whimsical floral detailing for adults and kids alike, with a surprise masculine option for your cute little man. 

By Lauren Pardee
September 14, 2018
Vintage Blossom Anchor Sneaker
| Credit: Courtesy of Keds

Keds are classics, surviving the test of time amongst brands like Converse who date back to 1916—but it’s the company’s innovation that upholds their immortality. Take their latest collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. for example. By bringing in the posh stationary brand to implement their design expertise, Keds managed to create a women’s and kid’s collection to life like never before.

Embroidered Herb Garden Triple Decker Slip-On Sneaker
| Credit: Courtesy of Keds
Embroidered Herb Garden Kickstart Sneaker
| Credit: Courtesy of Keds

Unmistakably, floral is the main theme throughout the eight shoe women’s collection. For an intricate, detailed feel that isn’t overpowering, the Embroidered Herb Garden look in the Triple Decker Slip-On Sneaker (which is also available in Kid’s sizes) or Kickstart Sneaker is the best option. We especially love the gold detailing on the light pink Kickstart—we applaud this attention to detail. 

Rose Meadow Laces Kickstart Sneaker
| Credit: Courtesy of Keds

Minimalists, this collection caters to you, too. The Kickstart Sneaker is also featured in two looks: Blue Meadow Laces and Rose Meadow Laces. Clean and delicate plays to classic Keds, while the floral laces are a signature Rifle Paper Co. move. 

Blue Meadow Champion Sneaker
| Credit: Courtesy of Keds

If neither of these options appeals to you, the last four women’s sneakers may be what you’re looking for with busy floral printed fabric throughout. If you’re loving the Blue and Rose Meadow Laces, you may want to risk having the pattern cover the shoe completely—minus the white laces. For a more prominent pattern, the Vintage Blossom pattern in maroon and pink make quite a statement on the Anchor Sneaker and Anchor Slip-On Sneaker.

Credit: Courtesy of Keds

Your mini-me—whether she be an infant, little kid, or big kid—can also rock the Vintage Blossom Sneaker. Lastly, the collab goes slightly off-theme with their adorable party animal print with two velcro straps for both little kids and kids. We don’t mind that the collection is completed with a more masculine touch. 

Party Animal Double Up Sneaker
| Credit: Courtesy of Keds

Spanning in price from $80-$35, we recommend checking this collection out for fall. Because you know you’ve found a quality product when the sole of the shoe is just as beautiful as the exterior.


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