Maisonette Neon Rebels and Boss Baby Brody Shaffer

TikTok's Favorite Tiny Dancer Has the Ultimate Back-to-School Shopping Tip

Boss Baby Brody’s mom partnered with Maisonette to show how delightful gender-neutral clothing can be.
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If you haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing 5-year-old "Boss Baby" Brody Schaffer dance on Instagram and TikTok, you are missing out on one of the internet's few offerings of pure joy. Since becoming a viral sensation at age 4, Schaffer has been busy studying and performing, and with the help of blogger mom Dani Schaffer, making a business out of just being his own happy self. Their latest venture is a partnership with Maisonette's new kids' clothing label Neon Rebels

On her own site City Girl Gone Mom (as well as on, Schaffer has written about how Brody loves wearing his sister's princess dresses, which make his eyes light up the same way her older two boys do when they put on their lacrosse gear. She spoke to us recently about why the bright rainbows and '80s-inspired styles of Neon Rebels appeal to her expressive youngest. 

"I feel like their brand was a perfect match for us because they promote self-expression," Schaffer tells Parents. "It's all about joy and positivity. And that's where their brand was a fit for our unique little unicorn himself."

Here, Schaffer shares Brody's favorite pieces from Neon Rebels, as well as some fashion tips and other products she and her three other kids love, too. 

Must-Have Neon Rebels Clothing From Maisonette

As a mother of four, Schaffer has always tried to dress her kids in hand-me-downs. But she also knows that each of her children has their own sense of style, so she also lets them choose some of their own new clothing. 

"Anything with color brings Brody joy," Schaffer says. "His passion comes through in everything he does, from dance to picking an outfit in the morning. And anything with a rainbow is a must-have in his closet."

Maisonette Neon Rebels Poplin Jumpsuit

To buy: Neon Rebels Simone Poplin Jumpsuit, $33.60 (originally $48);

That certainly makes picking outfits from Neon Rebels easy. The label has ringer tees, bodysuits, dresses, bike shorts, and more items featuring the same delightful rainbow. 

Maisonette Neon Rebels one-piece
Credit: Courtesy of Maisonette

"He loves his bodysuit, which is so great for dancing and for swimming," she says of this black water-friendly one-piece. 

To buy: Neon Rebels Mae One-Piece, $24 (originally $30);

Maisonette Neon Rebels Biker Short
Credit: Courtesy of Maisonette

These form-fitting bike shorts with a rainbow-embellished elastic waistband are also a hit with Brody. 

"The stores are actually still that way where you have the 'boy' section and the 'girl' section," Schaffer says. But online, many retailers like Maisonette let you choose "kids" to see all that's available, without sticking to gender norms.

To buy: Neon Rebels Kira Biker Short, $8.40 (originally $12);

Maisonette Fashion
Credit: Courtesy of Maisonette

"When Brody was younger, he used to shop his sister's closet for fun colors and dresses to wear, but now he has a bright closet all his own," Schaffer says. 

To buy: Neon Rebels Domino Ringer Tee, $11.90 (originally $17);

Shop Big Sister Dylan's and Mom Dani's Looks

Brody's sister, Dylan, 13, is also a dancer and model, and she's not wearing those princess dresses anymore. Dylan and her big brother, Jackson, 14, were their mom's first lesson in how one can't exactly control their kids' sense of style. 

"I always want my kids to feel empowered by their individuality, especially when it comes through in something very visual, like [their] style," Shaffer says.

These days, Dylan is all about baggy pants and tiny tops under a big button-down, paired with big-soled sneakers. 

And while Schaffer herself recently got a "Carrie Bradshaw" dream closet renovation, she's not above shopping for herself at Kohl's like the rest of us. 

"I'm loving a denim skirt with sneakers," she says. "It just is one of my go-to's all summer because I could dress it up or dress it down."

Juniors' SO Frayed Hem Utility Skirt
Credit: Kohls

Schaffer pairs her So denim skirt with high-end Golden Goose sneakers, though, giving us a little something aspirational in her outfit.

To buy: So Frayed Hem Utility Skirt, $8.07 (originally $38);

Shop the Schaffer Family's Books and Game-Night Picks

When they're not melting our hearts via social media posts, Schaffer, husband Bobby, and their four kids do enjoy downtime in their San Diego home. In addition to dancing, making art, and swimming, Brody is super into fidget pop toys, like this rainbow option.

Kids Things
Credit: Amazon

To buy: Mr Rex Unicorn Heart Rainbow Fidget Toy, $8.99 (originally $9.99);

Roman, 9, is as passionate about sports as Brody is about dance. "He is 100 percent into lacrosse and football," his mom says. "And if he's not outside playing, he would be doing Minecraft." 

Uno Minecraft Cards
Credit: Amazon

Despite their different tastes in hobbies, the family loves to come together to play Uno or Sequence on family game night.  

To buy: Uno Minecraft Cards, $6.39 (originally $13.04);

Hush Little Baby Book
Credit: Amazon

As for book recs, Schaffer still has the bedtime book she read to all her kids, and hopes they'll read to their own children one day: Hush Little Baby, by Sylvia Long. 

To buy: Hush Little Baby, $6.95;

These days, Roman and Jackson are plowing through the Artemis Fowl series. On her bedside table, Dylan has an inspiring journal: Strong Is the New Pretty, by Kate T. Parker. 

Strong Is the New Pretty Journal
Credit: Amazon

Schaffer is a busy mom of four, so most of her pleasure reading happens via audiobook in the car. She loves Jojo Moyes' The Last Letter From Your Lover. But when all the kids are in bed, Schaffer does have one little literary treat for herself: a poetry book called The Truth About Magic, by Atticus

"I love having his book on my bed stand, because if you just want to read a poem before you go to bed, it's healing," she says. After all, she's got to be well-rested for another day of being mom to her Boss Baby and his siblings! 

Shop Brody's top clothing picks from Neon Rebels at Maisonette now.