Story of a 12-Year-Old Who Stole His Mom's Credit Card to Fly to Bali Will Have You Saying 'Oh, Hell No'

The Australian boy, who is being referred to by the pseudonym "Drew," was angry with his parents, so he basically recreated the plot of Home Alone 2—in Bali!
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What would the holidays be without a screening of the Home Alone flicks, the second of which is completely centered on a 9-year-old ending up flying and exploring a big city all by himself? And yet, the premise of Home Alone 2 is the stuff of a lot of parents' worst nightmares! And yep, apparently, it can happen in real life, too. Just consider this crazy story out of Sydney, Australia. A 12-year-old boy, known by the pseudonym "Drew" was angry when his mom told him he couldn't go to the Indonesian island of Bali, where he and his family often went on vacation, according to 9news. So, to retaliate, the boy took his mom's credit card and booked the flight himself. 

The first two airlines he tried to book through said he would need a letter from his parents, but the third, Jetstar, allowed him to fly with just a student ID and passport. 9news reports that Drew "tricked" his grandma into giving him his passport. "I wanted to go on an adventure," he told the Australian news outlet. Wow!

So, just like in a real-life version of Home Alone 2, Drew hopped a flight, even making it through a layover in Perth without any questioning. "They just asked for my student ID and passport to prove that I’m over 12 and that I’m in secondary school," he told 9news. Then, when he went through customs in Denpasar, Bali, he was asked if he was traveling with anyone. "No, my mum is waiting outside because she lives in Bali and I'm going to meet her outside," he said he replied, and he rode a bike to his hotel, telling the staff there that his sister would be joining him.

His mom Emma had previously gotten authorities to flag his passport after two failed attempts to book a flight, but when that obviously didn't prevent Drew from jetting off, she reported him missing. "There's no emotion to feel what we felt when we found he left overseas," she told 9news. "He just doesn't like the word 'no,' and that's what I got, a kid in Indonesia."

As for how the 12-year-old himself felt? "A bit worried!" Ha. "But I still had adrenaline from being so angry at mom just to not care," he shared. He actually ended up spending four days in Bali, exploring the island on a motorbike. Eventually, the Australian Federal Police found him, thanks to a video he posted on social media. The video was of himself jumping into his hotel's pool. Uh, well, hello, 2018's answer to Kevin McAllister!

Obviously, the heart-stopping fright that this boy caused his family is nothing to laugh at. Thank goodness it worked out, with Drew brought safely home, in the end. Here's hoping he doesn't inspire other tweens to follow in his footsteps!


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