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5 Ways to Prep Your Kids for Daylight Saving Time

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Sleep Supplements for Kids: Do They Work?

Moms are using melatonin gummies to get their kids to sleep. Should you? Expert Judith Owens, M.D., director of the Sleep Center at Boston Children’s Hospital weighs in on kids sleep supplements.

Is Summer Messing With Your Kids' Sleep Schedule?

Do longer days mean later bedtimes in your house? Here's why a consistent sleep schedule is still important.

8 Important Ways Sleep Helps Your Child Grow

Geek out with this fascinating look at your child’s brain and body on a good night’s sleep. 

Too Little Sleep Tied to Diabetes in Kids, According to New Study

You know your child's diet can affect his or her odds of developing type 2 diabetes down the line. But did you know how much he or she sleeps could as well?

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