Q: How can I help my 6 year old to sleep through the night and not get out of her bed and come a wake me up or try to get in my bed? This happens almost every night.

A: Consistency, consistency, consistency. It is the most important, and hardest, part of making changes.  Once you decide that your daughter needs to sleep in her own bed all night, it is going to require your returning her to bed and following through every time she comes in.  If she sometimes sneaks into your bed while you are asleep, hang a bell on your doorknob to be sure that it wakes you.  Also, try setting up a sticker chart and reward her for sleeping in her own bed all night.  Start by her earning a sticker for actually sleeping in her own bed all night (even if she visits your room throughout the night).  After a week or so, change it to that she needs to stay in her bed all night.  Progressive steps, for which she can be successful, work best.

Answered by Dr. Jodi Mindell



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