The 18 Best Kids Mattresses for Every Age and Sleep Type

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right mattress for your child. Read on to find out what to look for, then pick out your favorite from our handpicked list.

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best mattress for kids
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As adults, we know there's a huge difference between poor- and high-quality mattresses—we've all had at least one restless night while staying in a hotel or guest bedroom. To make sure your child doesn't lose sleep due to discomfort, we've rounded up the best kids mattresses that parents say their little ones love.

Your child's sleeping habits are more important than you might think. Not only does a full night of rest give your child enough energy to take on the day, but studies have also shown that kids with healthy sleeping patterns have a better overall mental and physical well-being. Children who aren't reaching the adequate amount of hours per night are more likely to become overweight and struggle with depression. To set your little one up for success, create a consistent bedtime routine with soft music and lighting and a superior sleeping surface from a reliable brand, such as Purple or Casper.

The Best Mattresses for Kids

Kids Mattress Size Guide

Here are the standard mattress dimensions suitable for babies, toddler, and older kids, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Better Sleep Council (BSC). Note: If there is a gap between the mattress and the frame larger than two fingers, you need a bigger mattress. Too much free space can cause injuries, so it's important to know your frame measurements before purchasing a mattress.

Mini crib mattress: Mini crib mattresses are baby beds that are smaller than 49.75 inches long and 24.375 inches wide, averaging at about 38 inches long by 24 inches wide. These mattresses are generally used in portable baby cribs, child care centers, and play yards at home.

Crib mattress/toddler bed: Mattresses for full-size cribs should be at least 51.25 inches long by 27.25 inches wide with a thickness less than 6 inches. Although crib mattresses and toddler beds can be the same size, toddler beds are usually much lower to the ground and don't have bed guards.

Twin mattress: Twin mattresses typically measure 75 inches long and 38 inches wide. This size is ideal for children who are ready to transition from a toddler bed to a "big kid" bed, plus it works well for bunk beds.

Twin XL mattress: Twin XL mattresses are 80 inches long by 38 inches wide. These are an excellent choice for kids who could use an extra 5 inches of space.

Full mattress: Full-size mattresses are 75 inches long and 53 inches wide, so they are the same length as twin mattresses but 15 inches wider. This bed size provides a good amount of space for children who move around in their sleep.

Best Types of Mattresses for Kids

Firm: Shopping for your newborn? Here's what you need to know: Firm is good, and soft is bad. Ultra-supportive beds help prevent the risk of SIDS, while mattresses that are too soft could potentially lead to suffocation.

Soft: Once your child is about 18 months old, they can sleep on a soft mattress, like pillow top designs. You can either buy a mattress that has a soft side for infants and a firm side for toddlers or invest in a whole new bed they can continue to grow into.

Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses are safe for children of all ages, offering optimal support that won't sink. They contain coils that provide extreme durability, whether your kid is sleeping or jumping (it happens).

Foam: Foam mattresses are a great option for kids because they are comfortable, quiet (compared to innerspring mattresses), portable, and usually less expensive than other models. Memory foam mattresses can help older children with pressure relief.

Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses combine layers of foam with coil systems, meaning they are a cross between innerspring and memory foam mattresses. Although less common, hybrid mattresses can also feature latex instead of foam. Overall, hybrid mattresses are an ideal mix of soft and supportive.

Ready to make a purchase? Keep scrolling to discover the 17 best mattresses for kids on the market. Remember to consider your child's age and height, the size of their room, and their comfort preferences (if older than 18 months).

Best Overall: Saatva Youth Mattress

best mattress for kids

The Saatva Youth Mattress is available in twin, twin XL, and full bed sizes, plus two foundation heights of 4.75 and 8.75 inches. The best part about this innerspring mattress is that it supports kids between the ages of 3 and 12 years old thanks to its dual-sided design. Both sides feature an organic cotton cover (with a waterproof finish!) and a supportive coil system, but they have different types of material beneath the cover to suit different stages of life. On the side for ages 3 to 7 years old, there is a five-zone foam layer that promotes proper spinal alignment. The side for 8- to 12-year-olds contains a high-density foam to help keep your child cool and comfortable throughout the night. This mattress has a 180-night sleep trial and a 12-year warranty.

Price at time of publication: $795

Runner-Up: Helix Kids Mattress

best mattress for kids

Meet the newest addition to the Helix mattress family: the Helix Kids Mattress. Similar to the Saavta mattress, the Helix Kids Mattress features two sides to fit the needs of children 3 to 12 years old. It's made with a firm layer of foam for younger kids and a gel memory foam for older children. Plus, both covers contain a fiber treatment to fight odors. We feel extra confident recommending this mattress because it has earned praise from several sleep experts. According to Child & Family Sleep Consultant Alanna McGinn, the Helix Kids Mattress provides the proper support for all ages of development while giving kids the comfort and feel they need for a great night of sleep. "Its soft, absorbent Tencel cover is naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for my hot sleeper son, who also has sensitive skin," McGinn added. Available in twin and full sizes, the bed also comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Price at time of publication: $749

Best Rated: Casper Original Mattress

best mattress for kids

Casper's Original Mattress has over 20,000 positive reviews from customers, with some saying it has helped their kids sleep better and even love bedtime. And it's not just for kids: One mom-to-be claimed "it's better than a pregnancy pillow." There are six size options, ranging from twin to California king, so you can certainly get one for your child and one for yourself. Each size has two choices of material: foam or hybrid, with the all-foam mattress being the cheaper option of the two. The hybrid mattress offers plenty of support while also keeping sleepers at a comfortable temperature because the coils promote air circulation. But no matter what material you choose, this mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty to provide peace of mind.

To Buy: from $590.75 (was $695),

Best for Twin Beds: Sleep Number SleepIQ Kids K2 Bed

best mattress for kids
Sleep Number

Thought Sleep Number only made adult beds? Think again. The SleepIQ Kids K2 Bed features the adjustable design the brand is known for, plus a "monster detector" (available on the SleepIQ app) and an under-bed light for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. Using the Sleep Number setting, you or your child can adjust the firmness of the bed. There is a head-tilt function that elevates their head for when they're watching a movie or feeling congested as well as a sleep tracker to manage their quality of rest. "Although you would think this a hefty investment for a child, when they sleep restfully and longer you will see the value," one reviewer said. The smart mattress is recommended for children 4 years old and up.

To Buy: from $799,

Best for Full Beds: Tuft & Needle Original Mattress

best mattress for kids
Tuft & Needle

Featuring open-cell cooling technology, this full-size mattress by Tuft & Needle helps regulate airflow to keep kids comfortable all night long. And that's just one of its layers: The mattress is also made up of foam, cooling gel beads, graphite, and knit fabric. These materials are basically the recipe for cozy, supportive, and sweat-free sleep. Amassing over 24,000 five star reviews from customers, this bed is clearly a winner. Shoppers say it's an excellent "first big-kid bed" and "comfortable right out of the box." This bed offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year limited warranty.

To Buy: from $548.25 (was $645),

Best for Bunk Beds: Zinus Twin Mattress Set

best mattress for kids

Have bunk beds? This two-piece twin hybrid mattress set on sale for $218 is practically a steal. Each mattress is 6 inches thick and features four layers, including plush foam, supportive coils, and a soft knit cover. Not only is it a budget-friendly buy for bunk beds but also for daybeds and trundle beds. The mattress set has thousands of positive reviews, with an overall 4.5-star rating. "I was impressed with this set," one five-star customer wrote. "These are perfect for an older child, pre-teen, or small adult. If you are a side sleeper or super sensitive sleeper you still might want a topper for this." This mattress set includes a 10-year limited warranty.

To Buy: $218 (was $300),

Best Hypoallergenic: Nolah Nurture 10

kid's mattress

This flippable mattress consists of seven layers to support children into their teenage years (or up to 200 pounds), featuring a soft and a firm side. Some of its materials include wool, organic cotton, and Talalay latex, which create a soft, cool, and pressure-relieving sleeping surface for growing kids. Talalay latex is naturally hypoallergenic, making it safe for children with allergies, plus it's made from biodegradable ingredients. This kids mattress by Nolah also comes with a 120-night sleep trial, lifetime warranty, and a 10-year protection plan that covers accidents, rips, and other "oops!" moments. "As a single mom, I was very hesitant in spending $1,000 on my son's mattress. The accident protection won me over," one reviewer said on the company's website. "I sleep better knowing that it will be covered for the next 10 years if he were to have any accidents."

To Buy: from $999 (was $1,499),

Best for Hot Sleepers: Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid Mattress

best mattress for kids

There's nothing worse than waking up feeling sweaty. If your child tends to overheat, consider the Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid Mattress. It consists of four layers: a supportive base, a coil system wrapped in fabric, memory foam, and a cool-to-touch cover. The hybrid design provides the right amount of softness and firmness, and the flexible coils are the key to maintaining a comfortable body temperature. This bed is available in sizes twin to California king, plus it offers free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year limited warranty.

To Buy: $739 (was $1,139),

Best Soft: Helix Sunset Mattress

best mattress for kids

Another favorite of ours from Helix is the Sunset Mattress. Featuring five layers, this mattress provides pressure relief, increases airflow, and cradles bodies without sinking. It's the right mattress for kids who sleep on their side and prefer a soft feel over firm. One customer claimed it was a game changer for their active son during his sports seasons, and another shopper said their daughter compared it to "floating on a cloud." This Helix mattress has a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year limited warranty.

To Buy: from $599 (with code BFSALE100),

Best Foam: Purple Kid Mattress

best mattress for kids

There are many reasons to love Purple: The company uses a unique grid design in all its mattresses, offers a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year limited warranty, and provides free shipping. The Purple GelFlex Grid has a waffle-like structure (made from hyperelastic polymer) that is a lot more breathable than memory foam mattresses. It provides the right amount of soft and firm, absorbs motion, and works well for all types of sleepers (hot, cold, side, back, etc). The only difference between the adult and kids version of the Purple Mattress is that the kids bed is a little lighter and features a machine washable cover. The Purple Kids Mattress is only available in a twin size and is recommended for toddlers up to 14-year-olds.

To Buy: $599,

Best Memory Foam: Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

best mattress for kids

This mattress-in-a-box by Serta is one of the best memory foam mattresses for older kids because of its three-layer design and pressure-relieving firmness. The bed is made with a foam base layer for superior support, a gel-infused foam core for cooling comfort, and a top layer of the brand's exclusive gel memory foam, HexCloud. Thanks to these three types of foam, it checks all the boxes for children who play sports, are hot sleepers, and need an extra boost of support. "There is a big difference between my daughter's old mattress and the Serta one. … I'm planning on buying three more mattresses for my older kids," one reviewer posted on the company's website. Serta recommends adding a mattress protector to help keep the mattress in good shape. The bed has a 120-day sleep trial and a 10-year limited warranty.

To Buy: from $549,

Best Innerspring: Signature by Ashley Chime Innerspring Mattress

best mattress for kids

Wayfair is a one-stop-shop for all things home, including top-rated mattresses. This innerspring mattress from Signature by Ashley Chime brings the plushness of quilted foam and the strong foundation of a coil system together into one functional design—not to mention for a really low price. One parent said their son claimed the mattress gave him the "best night's sleep he ever remembered having," while another confessed, "if I didn't already have one, I would get one for myself!" It performs well on all types of bases and frames, such as platform and box spring beds, and is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. This mattress includes a 10-year limited warranty and a free 100-night sleep trial.

To Buy: from $199.99,

Best Organic: Avocado Green Mattress

best mattress for kids

If you're on the hunt for the best organic mattress, your search ends here. Avocado has its own organic-certified manufacturing facility in the U.S., where it uses premium organic materials from sustainable farms. The Avocado Green Mattress is made with organic wool, cotton, and latex plus more than 1,000 coils. Thanks to its 25-year warranty, it's a bed that will last your child beyond their younger years. "I bought this mattress for my young child who transitioned from a crib to a bed. This mattress exceeded my expectations," one customer said on the company's website. From the way it was packaged and arrived, to the comfort and quality of the bed. My child loves her new bed, sleeps more soundly through the night, and I love the peace of mind knowing it is made with safe materials." The mattress also has a handful of certifications, such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and GreenGuard Gold. You can add an attached pillow top for $400 to give your child an extra 5 inches of plush fabric. Bonus: Your child can test the mattress for an entire year to make sure it's the right fit, thanks to Avocado's one-year sleep trial.

To Buy: from $1,099,

Best Affordable: Best Price Mattress

best mattress for kids

Just because this mattress is on the cheaper side doesn't mean it falls short of comfort. It's constructed of three types of foam—green tea-infused, ventilated, and high density—to relax the body, boost air circulation, and provide support. The bed comes in seven different sizes and five thicknesses, ranging from 6 to 14 inches. One customer who ordered the king size said, "It feels like a $2,000 mattress but is less than 25 percent of the price. It's legitimately the perfect mattress." This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

To Buy: from $150,

Best Splurge: Parachute Eco Comfort Mattress

best mattress for kids

Several shoppers say this mattress is the closest thing to sleeping on a cloud. Need we say more? Every part of Parachute's mattress is eco-friendly, and it's strategically designed to be firmer in the back area and softer where the head and feet lie—hence the name Eco Comfort. The mattress features top-of-the-line materials, like pure New Zealand wool and 100 percent organic cotton, and it's free from toxic chemicals. As a bonus, Parachute offers a 100-night sleep trial, so your child can test it out to make sure it's the right one. There's also a 10-year warranty.

To Buy: from $1,299,

Best for Standard Cribs: Newton Baby Crib Mattress

crib mattress
Newton Baby

The Newton Baby Crib Mattress has earned the seal of approval from Parents digital content director Julia Dennison, plus five-star ratings from thousands of shoppers. Dennison recommends this baby bed because of its breathable and washable design. The mattress core is made up of 90 percent air and 10 percent food-grade polymer, enabling infants to breathe right through it, which ultimately reduces the risk of suffocation. Whenever it needs a deep cleaning, you can toss the cover in the wash and then rinse the core in the bathtub. "If I was rich, I'd give these out as baby shower gifts because every baby deserves one," one Amazon reviewer said.

To Buy: $299.99,

Best for Mini Cribs: Serta SleepTrue Mini Crib Mattress

best crib mattresses

If you have a mini or portable crib, consider the Serta SleepTrue Mini Crib Mattress. It weighs 4 pounds for easy transport, features eco-friendly materials, and is GreenGuard Gold certified (meaning it contains little to no chemical emissions). Many reviewers praise its thickness, waterproof cover, and compatibility with crib brands like Carter's by DiVinci and Dream On Me. "It fits my mini crib nice and snugly with zero gaps! My baby slept for seven hours for the first time ever sleeping on her new mattress," one parent said. This mini crib mattress includes a 10-year warranty.

To Buy: $59.99,

Best Air Mattress: SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

best mattress for kids

Every household should have at least one air mattress for sleepovers, vacations, and other overnight accommodations. This bestseller on Amazon, with over 31,000 five-star ratings and counting, comes in five different sizes, with each one costing under $200. What makes this blow-up bed better than others? It actually stays lifted throughout the whole night. "The morning after my guest arrived, he emerged to announce unprompted that it was the best air mattress he'd ever slept on and better than some regular mattresses, too," one Amazon shopper wrote. The air mattress also has a built-in motor, stands 18 inches tall when fully inflated, and includes a storage bag. The twin and twin XL have a 300-pound weight limit, while full to king sizes hold up to 500 pounds. If you have more than one kid or host a lot of sleepovers, we recommend buying a queen- or king-size air mattress. This bed comes with a one-year warranty.

To Buy: from $114.95 (was $124.95),

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