Be sure to get all the sleep you and your kids need. Learn why sleep is so essential to good health, ways to catch a nap, and help with sleep disorders. Happy dreams.

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I'm a Mom and a Children's Book Author: Here's How to Tell a Really Good Story

Kids love to be told stories, but how do you tell a really good one? Here are my tips to make storytelling fun, easy, and memorable.
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3 Tips to Help Your Tween Get to Sleep Before 10 p.m.

Is your soon-to-be teen struggling with getting to sleep? Here's how to make sure your child gets the rest she needs despite the obstacles posed by puberty, smartphones, and stress.
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Are Weighted Blankets Safe for Kids?

You may see ads for them on your social feeds, but weighted blankets don’t have your pediatrician's approval. Here's what you need to know.
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Sleep Supplements for Kids: Do They Work?

Moms are using melatonin gummies to get their kids to sleep. Should you? Expert Judith Owens, M.D., director of the Sleep Center at Boston Children’s Hospital weighs in on kids sleep supplements.
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The Benefits of Your Family Getting More Sleep

Getting the right amount of zzz’s can have huge health benefits for children and for adults, and can also be a great facilitator for feeling present and involved.
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How Do I Teach My Child to Sleep Alone?

Anxiety, insecurity, distractions -- these can all send your little one straight from her bed into yours. Luckily, you can break this bedtime habit. Here's how to encourage your child to sleep independently.
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Nightmares: 6 Steps to Stop Scary Dreams

Kids of all ages get scared by nightmares, but you can help your child learn to sleep soundly again.
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