Stranger Safety

Keeping your kids safe when they're out of your sight is a major concern for every parent. But teaching your child specific street-savvy skills may be the best way to protect her from predators. Here are the key things every parent needs to know.

Child Abduction Facts

Some important information about kidnappings in the U.S.

What to Do If Your Child Gets Lost

No parent imagines losing sight of her kid--until it happens. Prepare your child on how to keep safe if she gets separated from you, and learn the fastest ways to find her.

Protecting Your Child from a Sexual Predator

Kidnapping is one of the scariest dangers parents face. How can you educate your kids and keep them safe from an abductor? Start with these five tips.

Security Check: 5 Rules for Stranger Safety

Worried your child might misinterpret well-intentioned warnings about strangers, secrets, and other safety issues? Learn how to talk to kids about strangers to they'll be safe, not scared.

Talking to Kids & Teens about Safety & Abduction

Q&A on child safety.

Abduction Prevention Checklist

What you can do to keep your child safe and sound.

Reteaching Kids About Stranger Danger

"Don't talk to strangers" needs to be refined for kids. Jan Faull, MEd, advises how to teach children when to accept help from strangers.

Raising Street-Smart Kids

Teach your children to be safety-savvy.

What to Teach Your Child About Abduction

What every child should know to reduce risk of abduction.

How to Talk to Kids About Strangers

Stranger danger is old-school thinking. Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," explains the new ways to help your kids stay safe.

Why This Mom's Blog Post About Stranger Danger Sparked an Online Debate

"Don't talk to strangers" is good advice...right?

The Sexual Predator Threat

Repeating "Don't talk to strangers" isn't enough. Learn the best ways to keep your children safe.

Home Alone

Is your child ready to supervise himself for a couple hours?

Talking with Kids About a Neighborhood Sex Offender

How do I explain to my 9-year-old that a sexual offender lives in the neighborhood?

Scary! Someone Used a Drone to Lure Kids Away From a Playground

This is a new kind of stranger danger parents need to be aware of.

AMBER Alert for Virginia 7-Month-Old, Allegedly Abducted by Sex Offender

An AMBER Alert has been issued for Emma Grace Kennedy.