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Make sure your athlete is safe during sports with these tips and ideas. How to find the right gear and sports equipment and ways to know if your kid is pushing too hard. Plus: What you need to know about sports injuries.

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Youth Sports & COVID-19: The Want, the Will, and the Hope to Play
Youth athletics are essential for the physical, emotional, and social well-being of our children. They can continue safely, even during a pandemic, and it's up to parents, coaches, and educators to make that possible. We pay tribute to one high school that has worked diligently to maintain its sports programs, in spite of shut-downs and quarantines, and share resources and tips to model their determination in your own community.
Your Child's Lack of Coordination May Be an Undiagnosed But Treatable Medical Condition
If your child is struggling on the sports field, it may have nothing to do with their skillset. Here's what experts want parents with young athletes to look out for.
Lead Pediatricians Weigh in on Just How Safe Kids' Sports Can Be During the Pandemic
As parents and kids grapple with a variety of back-to-school challenges, the American Academy of Pediatrics is sharing their opinion on returning to sports.
Parents Abuse Kid Athletes Just As Much as Coaches and It Needs to Stop
As a mom of an athlete, news that professional runner Mary Cain was emotionally and physically abused by famous coach Alberto Salazar didn’t surprise me. What shocks me though is that we continue to encourage this type of “coaching” even from parents.
Should You Let Your Kid Play Football? Experts Weigh In
With questions of football's safety on the rise, it's easy for parents to worry if they should let their kids play. Experts weigh in and offer ways to keep your little athletes out of harm's way.
Could a New Football Helmet Test Protect Your Kids From Concussions?
Football is notoriously dangerous. But could this new standard of testing in helmets make them protective against concussions? 

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5 Things Parents Can Do to Protect Sporty Kids From Injuries
Help prevent sports injuries in kids by paying attention to their recovery—and avoiding specializing in one activity too early.
You Might Rethink Letting Your Kids Play Football, Thanks to This Study
A new study has identified dangers associated with playing football before age 12—it's worth considering if your kids want to join the team!

Teach Your Kid How to Throw a Baseball Like a Pro

It’s baseball season! Teach your kids how to get the ball to the base with these expert tips from Nicholas Caringi, Little League International senior director of operations and education in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.