School Safety

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Vice President Joe Biden discusses how to keep schools safe and whether armed guards are needed at every school.


-Let's talk a little bit more about school safety. Claire Farish Brimmer asks does it make sense to provide armed guards for our schools like those that are provided for government buildings? You talked a little bit about this earlier. I'd like to hear a little bit more about this issue. -The answer is, Claire, I think not. And let me tell you, as speaking with the mayor of Chicago-- speaking of Chicago, the mayor of Chicago had a great line. He said that our schools are some of the safest places in the world for our children. The dangerous place is walking to and from school. So, the vast majority of schools in America are safe. It doesn't mean any one public place is immune from someone, a mass murderer, deciding they're gonna use that venue to engage in mass murder with an assault weapon or a weapon that has multiple rounds that they can fire and continue to refire by just dropping nuke clipped in with 10, 20, 30, 40 bullets in it. Now, what I do think is, I do think there are ways we can make schools safer. One of the things you gotta ask if you read Parents Magazine again, I'm assuming you're a parent or a grandparent or you're about to be a parent, and that is that you want your child walking into a circumstance where they from everything about the circumstance and he says I feel unsafe. Do you want your child to have to walk in through a metal detector? Do you want your child to have to walk down classrooms or their-- in a classroom with armed guards? Do you want-- That is not. That's like siege mentality. Schools should be a place where kids are at ease and they can flourish and they can feel safe. And the issue of whether or not you have a school resource officer in the school who gets to know the students in that school is engaging with them, that's a judgment for locality to make, a local school district, a local school. But the idea of having essentially a situation where you go through a metal detector, where you're frisked, where you have to take your shoes off, where you're in a position where you have to empty your knapsack, your backpack with your books, that is not an environment, I think, most people who read Parents Magazine would want their children have to go through.

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