School Safety

Is your child safe at school? Here's what you need to know about bullies, violence, gun safety, and more.

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In an Attempt to Keep Schools Open, Some Parents Are Refusing to Test their Kids for COVID-19

Some Utah parents are reportedly endangering the health of others by refusing to test their children for COVID-19. Experts weigh in on the "mom code" and explain why testing and contact tracing are necessary to control the pandemic.

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This Mom's School Bus–Safety Rap Is Awesome

Mom blogger Deva Dalporto takes on the importance of drivers stopping for school buses in a video parodying "Bust a Move."

How to Stay Safe at the Playground

Accidents happen—especially at playgrounds, where 200,000 children every year suffer injuries serious enough to land them in the emergency room. Read on to make sure your child plays it safe.

Is Your Child's School Toxic?

Make sure your child learns in healthy surroundings. Here are trouble signs to look for, plus steps to take to start improving your school.