School Safety

Is your child safe at school? Here's what you need to know about bullies, violence, gun safety, and more.

Avoiding Danger at the Playground

Accidents happen -- especially at playgrounds, where 200,000 children every year suffer serious injuries. Read on to make sure your child plays it safe.

This Mom's School Bus-Safety Rap Is Awesome

Mom blogger Deva Dalporto takes on the importance of drivers stopping for school buses in a video parodying "Bust a Move."

Safe at School

The Newtown shooting showed us how vulnerable our children can be. Find out what schools should consider doing to protect their students and teachers.

Helping Children Feel Safe at School

Three school shootings occurred within one month in the fall of 2006, including an incident at an Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania that killed five children. CHILD interviewed Jerry Brodlie, Ph.D., chief of psychology at Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut and a member of the magazine's advisory board, for his advice on reassuring children during frightening times.

Riding a Big Yellow Bus Is the Safest Way for Your Kid to Get to School

It's 13 times safer than riding in the car, in fact!

The 'NEWTOWN' Film Is Screening Tonight Only, and Here's Why You Must See It

It may be hard to think about, and watch, but we simply have to.

School Bus Safety: What Parents Need to Know

In light of the horrific school bus accident in Tennessee, here's what you need to know to keep your kids as safe as possible.

The Quest for School Safety

How parents can help make their child's school more secure.

School Safety

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Vice President Joe Biden discusses how to keep schools safe and whether armed guards are needed at every school.

Backpack Safety Tips

Minimize the stress on your child's back.

Is Your Child's School Toxic?

Make sure your child learns in healthy surroundings. Here are trouble signs to look for, plus steps to take to start improving your school.