School Safety

Is your child safe at school? Here's what you need to know about bullies, violence, gun safety, and more.

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'Dads on Duty' Prove Parent-Led Initiatives Are Effective Alternatives to Police in Schools
Black parents have an antidote for a prison pipeline that is directly linked to in-school policing. Why haven't we followed their lead?
Parents Are Sending Kids to School With Air Quality Monitors—But Should You?
Colored pencils and calculators aren't the only things in some kids' backpacks this year. The New York Times recently reported that parents are sneaking air quality monitors into schools with their kids. Experts weighed in on whether this is a good idea.
Why Schools Being Designed to Deter Active Shooters Isn't The Solution to Mass Shootings
School architects and designers are making blueprints to thwart an active shooter. Here's why that's a problem.
Safe at School
Recent school shootings have showed us how vulnerable our children can be. Find out what schools should consider doing to protect their students and teachers.
Helping Children Feel Safe at School
Three school shootings occurred within one month in the fall of 2006, including an incident at an Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania that killed five children. CHILD interviewed Jerry Brodlie, Ph.D., chief of psychology at Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut and a member of the magazine's advisory board, for his advice on reassuring children during frightening times.

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The Quest for School Safety
How parents can help make their child's school more secure.
Is Your Child's School Toxic?
Make sure your child learns in healthy surroundings. Here are trouble signs to look for, plus steps to take to start improving your school.