Outdoor Safety

Make the most of your family time outdoors with these ideas for being safe at the pool, on the bike path, and more.

5 Steps to Sun Safety for Kids

In summer -- or any season -- protecting kids from the sun's harmful rays is a must. Here's what every parent should know.

The Differences Between Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac

Learn how to recognize these pesky plants, where they grow, how to avoid them, and how to treat your child's rash if she comes into contact with any of them.

Sun Care 101: The Basics of Sun Safety for Kids

Just one blistering sunburn in childhood can double your little one's lifetime risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Young, sensitive skin is especially vulnerable to damaging rays, so protect your child by being sun-care savvy.

Science Says Kids Shouldn't Cross a Busy Street Solo Until They're 14

Kids younger than 14 can't always identify gaps in traffic that are large enough for them to cross safely, says a new study.

6 Best Sun Umbrellas and Sun Shades

Sunny day? Let your kids have fun outside while staying safe from harmful rays with these shade-makers.

Sun Protection Clothes for Kids

Don't just rely on sunscreen alone for sun protection! Check out our top picks for swimsuits, shirts, and accessories to provide the extra coverage your kids need to stay safe in the sun.

How Bad Will Lyme Disease Be This Year?

Parents, brace yourselves: Experts say 2017 will bring an abnormally high risk of tick-bourne Lyme disease.

Keeping Kids Hydrated

Make sure your children get plenty of liquids to stay healthy and active this summer, and help them develop good hydration habits for a lifetime.

Tips for Swimming Lessons

If your kid is anxious about staying afloat, these tips will ease her into action.

Removing a Tick Safely

An expert explains the easiest way to remove a tick. Video courtesy of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

How To Keep Kids Safe from Rip Currents

Dr. Peter Wernicki of the American Red Cross demonstrates how to identify dangerous rip currents.

The Sad Truth About Drowning

Every kid is at risk, even if she can swim. A pediatrician whose young patient died shares the latest precautions.

This Eminem Parody Shows the Real Struggle of Getting Our Kids to Dress for the Cold

The Holderness family's spoof video is so on point about kids refusal to wear appropriate winter weather gear.

6 Ways to Get Your Child Comfortable in the Water

Even if you yourself can't even dog paddle, there are plenty of ways to help your little ones get comfortable in the water and learn to swim.

6 Natural Ways to Grow a Lush Lawn

Say goodbye to pesticides, herbicides, and other common lawn-care products that are bad for the planet--and your family's health. Here's our guide to a kinder, gentler green.

Hidden Outdoor Dangers

Playing outdoors poses a number of potential pitfalls for your child. We outline the offenders, from sun exposure to playground equipment.

Hidden Summer Dangers

Leading experts shed light on some surprising outdoor safety traps.

A 13-Year-Old Boy Died After Being Trapped Inside a Snow Fort

Here's what other parents should know in the wake of this tragic event.

Water Safety Essentials for Kids

Whether they're at the pool, beach, or lake, kids need extra protection when they're splashing around. Here, the latest advice from Parents magazine and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Do You Know How to Practice Safe Swimming?

Keeping an eye on the pool isn't enough. Two-year-old Kyan Quintana's death is proof.

Stay Cool This Summer

The best way to protect your family from the sun? Head for the shade. We've got lots of doable ideas.

Dry Drowning: Know the Signs

Get the facts you need to help keep your kids as safe as possible in and out of the water.

Burn! 40 Percent of Top-Selling Sunscreens Don't Meet Dermatologists' Guidelines

A new study offers alarming insight into how well popular sunscreens really work.

Here Comes the Sun! The Scoop on SPF

The steps you take this summer can help safeguard your child's skin -- and her life -- for years to come. We've got the latest sunscreen news.