Internet Safety

Is your kid logging on? Setting limits on computer time can protect your kid from online predators and mature content. Let our internet safety tips guide the way.

Best Apps and Products to Prevent Cyberbullying

Protect your child from unwanted bullies in cyberspace. See the tools that will guard your kid's online safety.

How to Talk to Kids About Bullying

No one wants their kids to be bullied! Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," shares the ways you can help your kids deal with bullies.

Violent Video Games, TV, and Movies

Vice President Joe Biden calls for the legal barriers to be lifted so that more research can be done on the effects of video games, TV, and movies in spurring gun violence.

Facebook Now Has a 'Parents Portal' to Help Stop Cyberbullying

If you're late to the Facebook party, the Portal can show you and your child how to navigate Facebook safely.

Controlling Your Child's Digital Interactions

Dr. Michael Thompson explores what it means to raise your child in a digital world.

Wired Shut? Teens in Their Own High-Tech World

With teens connected 24-7 to cell phones, computers, and one another, many parents feel they're being tuned out. The solution? Get smarter about your kids' high-tech bubble and you won't have to stay on the outside looking in.

This New Kid-Friendly Internet Search Engine Lets Parents Breathe Easier

Kiddle gives children all the power of Google, with a few safety controls built in.

Net Neutrality: Here's What Parents Need to Know

Could upcoming FCC rule changes mean a big shift in how you and your family access the internet? Here's what you need to know about net neutrality as a parent.

Mom Is Warning Parents About an Online Game After Her 7-Year-Old's Character Was Sexually Assaulted

The mom from Raleigh, North Carolina took to Facebook to issue a warning to other parents about a popular multiplayer online gaming platform called Roblox.

YouTube Has a New Policy to Crack Down on Disturbing Videos Aimed at Kids

The company announced the safeguard in response to accusations that the site's algorithm encourages the creation of inappropriate videos aimed at children.

Kids Are Watching Less TV Than Ever (But They're Still on Screens 2 Hours a Day!)

New research from our friends at Common Sense Media uncovers some thumbs-up trends.

UK Teens Say They're Sick of Social Media

Two-thirds of the kids said they wouldn't mind if social media had never been invented. Yeah, right...

I'm a Mom and a Children's Privacy Lawyer: Here's What I Do and Don't Post About My Kid Online

It's normal to worry about your child's safety online. Children's privacy lawyer Katie Goldstein shares your concerns and offers tips all parents should follow to ensure healthy internet habits.

Should Kids Take Social Media 101?

Kids in England will now be offered guides in school to help them better understand what they are signing up for--maybe our kids need this, too.

Is tbh Really the 'Nice' Social Media App?

That all depends on the way your teen is using it.

Could Getting Your Kid a Cell Phone Early Make Them More Likely to Get Bullied?

If your eight- or nine-year-old has a cell phone, he may be more vulnerable to cyberbullying.

Google Launches Be Internet Awesome to Encourage Kids to Be Safe Online

The new program is designed to teach kids in a fun way how to avoid online bullies and predators. Take the pledge together as a family.

Here's What Parents Need to Know About Snap Maps

Is your child sharing his or her exact location on Snapchat without even knowing it? Don't worry--there's a way to turn the feature off.

Kids Are Watching Less TV Than Ever (But They're Still on Screens 2 Hours a Day!)

New research from our friends at Common Sense Media uncovers some thumbs-up trends.