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Keep your kids safe with these great tips for childproofing your home, preparing your kid for weather emergencies, and more. Plus: Why the internet can be a dangerous place for your kid.

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Authorities Investigating TikTok Video That May Show Missing Arkansas Teen

Some think the girl in the video, who silently stares at the camera and appears to have black eyes, may be Cassie Compton.

FBI Asks Public to Help Identify Violent Trump Supporters Who Rioted at U.S. Capitol

"The FBI is seeking information that will assist in identifying individuals who are actively instigating violence in Washington, DC.,” the bureau wrote in a statement.

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How to Teach Kids to Be Good Digital Citizens

Any child old enough to use a device that can access the internet needs guidance on how to navigate the digital world. Learn how to keep your kids—and their peers—safe with these lessons in digital citizenship.