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Keep your kids safe with these great tips for childproofing your home, preparing your kid for weather emergencies, and more. Plus: Why the internet can be a dangerous place for your kid.

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What Parents Need to Know About the Metaverse
Everything parents need to know about the Metaverse: what it is, how it works, and how to keep kids safe as they explore it.
Fun and Games in the Metaverse: A Guide to What's Here and What's Coming
From Minecraft and Roblox to Fortnite and Halo, here's what you need to know about the virtual worlds your kids are spending time in.
How to Talk to Your Teens About Online Scams
When using the internet, kids and teens can be lured into scams that cost them money, their identity, or their reputation. Read our guide for tips and resources to promote online safety.
How to Talk to Your Kids About Road Safety, According to the Department of Transportation
The government official spoke exclusively with about the Department of Transportation's first-ever National Roadway Safety Strategy and how parents can talk to kids of all ages about staying safe on the roads.
Parents Share Codes Their Kids Text When They Want Help Out of Troubling Situations
After a mom shared on Reddit that her child uses the hot dog emoji to let her know they're in need of help, other parents chimed in with their experiences and applause.
Kids as Young as 11 Are Becoming Addicted to Online Gambling
What are the odds your tween or teen has been exposed to gambling marketing messages? Research shows it's pretty high—even though the legal age for gambling in the U.S. is 18 or 21.

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Instagram Announces New Parental Supervision Tools and 'Family Center' Safety Hub
To protect its youngest users, Instagram has released new features that address screen time management, safety, digital wellness, and more.
'Dads on Duty' Prove Parent-Led Initiatives Are Effective Alternatives to Police in Schools
Black parents have an antidote for a prison pipeline that is directly linked to in-school policing. Why haven't we followed their lead?
Your Child's Lack of Coordination May Be an Undiagnosed But Treatable Medical Condition

If your child is struggling on the sports field, it may have nothing to do with their skillset. Here's what experts want parents with young athletes to look out for.