Gather family and friends and put your crafting skills to work helping children in need.


Thank you so much for volunteering your time for our Capes for Kids program! When a child puts on a cape, he feels strong, happy, and free—and that instant transformation is especially powerful for kids in need. That’s why FamilyFun magazine started its Capes for Kids campaign, which encourages volunteers across the country to make capes and donate them to children at risk. Because we love any excuse for a get-together, we think the most fun way to make capes is with friends at a cape-making party!

Below you’ll find everything you need to make these capes: a checklist of materials to get started, templates for four amazing cape designs (Fire Power, Shark-inator, Super Star, and our basic design), along with cool emblems to decorate the back. Feel free to use them—or not. Unique designs are very welcome!

Once the capes are finished, please donate them to a a children’s hospital or shelter or to another local charity. Or send them to our partner Enchanted Makeovers, which is a nonprofit group that creates care packages for kids in homeless shelters nationwide (address below). They will make sure your capes go to kids who will love them!

Thank you for donating your time and creativity—we are thrilled to have you working with us. Happy crafting!

Please Send Capes To: 

Enchanted Makeovers

FamilyFun Capes for Kids

12663 Hipp Street

Taylor, MI 48180

Cape Templates 

Discussion Guides and Reflection Activities 

3 Kids Showing Off Their Superhero Capes
Credit: Gretchen Easton

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