Teaching Family Values

Try these tips and ideas to teach your child family values, including how to build character and make good choices down the road.

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For La La Anthony, Teaching Her Son Manners is Most Important

She’s busy starring in the Starz drama Power and managing her Lord & Taylor clothing collection, but this Puerto Rican mama won’t skip her 11-year-old son Kiyan’s basketball games.

Was This Cub Scout Kicked Out of His Den for Asking Tough Questions About Gun Control?

This bright kid prepared a thorough list of questions about gun control when his Cub Scout den met with a state senator... and it got him booted from the den, according to his mom.

11 Celeb Moms' Best Quotes About Being (and Raising!) a Feminist

These famous moms have been amazingly outspoken about what it means to be—and raise—a feminist. It's hard not to be inspired by their quotes.

Ambition vs. Kindness: Which Family Value Is Easier to Pass Down to Our Kids?

A new study reveals parents who focus on teaching their kids certain family values are more successful in instilling them than others.

This Mom Had an Important Lesson for Her Son About Respect

When her 6-year-old son got some bad advice on how to break up with his "girlfriend," this mom broke out an old-school apology move.

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