Manners & Responsibility: Teaching Your Kids to Set the Table

Setting the table is a great way for your child to help out before mealtime. Teach her how with this easy-to-follow video.


-We're gonna learn how to set the table. And parents, I'm gonna give you a few guidelines too as we work through this. This is called the meal plate, okay. And this actually goes right in the center of your plate setting, okay. This is called your bread plate and this goes to the left of the table. The fork goes on the left. And a really easy way to remember that the fork goes on the left is that left has four letters and so does fork. Can you place that there for me? An easy way to remember that a knife and a spoon go on the right is that knife and spoon both have five letters and so does right. Put those there. Thank you. And the drink goes just up to the right side. And last but not least, the napkin goes under the fork. Could you put it under the fork for me? Here we go.

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