Manners & Responsibility: Teaching Table Manners

Do your kids have bad table manners? Help your kids learn how to behave at mealtime.


-Dinnertime is a great opportunity to teach good table manners. One of the most common problems that I hear is kids chewing with their mouths open. I love to do a little role playing to help teach this lesson. Isabel, I want to pretend that we're having a little dinner party together, okay. And I just wanna know from you if when I'm eating if there's anything wrong. -Chewing with your mouth open. -Comes across as a little bit rude to be chewing with your mouth open and it can look a little bit gross to see people's food at the table, right. -Yes. -Another common complaint is kids being really messy at the table. Again, a little role playing is really helpful. Is there anything wrong with this with the way I'm eating? -You're making a mess. -I'm making a big mess, which can be kind of gross at the dinner table. So, that's a really simple way to show your kids how important it is to not make a mess at the table. And finally, a lot of parents complain about kids' body posture at the table. Isabel, what's wrong if I eat like this? -It's bad manners. -It's bad manners, right? Does it look like I'm really interested in having dinner with you tonight? -No. -How do I look when I do that? -Bored. -Bored. Hearing it from kids themselves really helps them learn the skill set.

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