How to Talk to Kids About Masturbation

Help your child understand that masturbation is private but not shameful. Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," shares how you can explain this natural part of growing up.


[MUSIC] Parents get all squeamish and uncomfortable when they have to talk about masturbation, otherwise known as playing with yourself. You don't have to use the word masturbation. But let me just tell you this. All kids masturbate in some form or other. In fact, many adults do, and isn't it funny that we're uncomfortable talking about something that's pretty normal and pretty common. With our young children, what we wanna say, you know, the two to five, and six, seven year olds, we wanna say, I know it feels really good when you touch your private body. That's perfectly fine, but that's what we do in private. Just like you make your pees and your poops in private, you also touch your body in private. And with your older kids, seven and older, they already know it. But with some of these kids, you need to remind them. I know it feels good to handle your body, would you take that in the other room. Are we to do it in the bathroom? Or stick to the showers, buddy? It's important, though, that you have a conversation about it and so that your children know that it is not abnormal, that it is something most people do, and it feels good. There you go. [MUSIC]

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