How to Talk to Kids About Drugs

Drugs are dangerous, no doubt about it. Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," presents practical advice on how you can protect your kids.


Parents Presents. How to talk to your kids. About Drugs. Okay we got to talk about drugs. Drugs are here to stay, sad though it is, they're here and we have to deal with it with our children. What you say to your kids, I'm happy to tell you, does make a difference. With younger kids, it's really not necessary that you get into drugs- hardcore stuff. But it is important that, when you give your child medication or when he sees you taking medication, you point out that this the medication that the doctor gave to me to take. Only I take this, and this is the medication I'm giving to you. Nobody else takes your medication. With our older kids, the kids who are eight, nine, ten, through teens. That Just Say No thing that you were raised on. Yeah, that doesn't work anymore. We don't do that so no to Just Say No. Rather, you do have to have a more careful explanation that's an ongoing conversation. It's great when you can take advantage of all of our famous people and athletes who are going south taking drugs. Doing things that they shouldn't be doing. Steroids and what-not. And show them, explaining to your child how doing so ruined the person's life. Look at Lance Armstrong, for example. They need to know how it affects your body. They need to know how it affects your brain functioning. That you do not have control over what you do and what you say. And that in retrospect, you may end up doing something that you will regret terribly. Talking about prescribed medications and hardcore drugs is a conversation that has to be ongoing. Hopefully you have open communication with your child, and you're not too judgmental in discussing it, so that he will come to you and talk about it. But for goodness' sakes, let's not start the conversation by saying. Drugs will kill you, because in fact that's not necessarily true. Good luck with this one. [MUSIC]

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