How to Talk to Kids About Alcohol

When it comes to talking about alcohol, be straightforward. Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," offers guidance on how to have a simple conversation.


[MUSIC] So, what do you say to your kids about alcohol. For different age kids there are going to be different responses. What we say to our young kids is this is an adult drink, it is an adult beverage, it's not for children. And there will be plenty of things that you'll find yourself saying to your young kids, it's not for children. For older children we have to take it a step higher and we say to them, as you know you may not drink alcohol. There's a reason that the law about alcohol is that you must be 21 years old. And that reason is because alcohol affects your brain functioning. It affects your ability to function in the world, it makes you do embarrassing things you wouldn't want anyone to see you do. So, I'm saying to you, we do not drink until you are 21 years old, not even a sip. Here's what you don't say, you don't say to any children alcohol will kill you, of course there are circumstances when unfortunately there are deaths that involve alcohol, but the alcohol itself. Unless you're an alcoholic and it's excessive drinking and you have liver disease, alcohol is not going to kill you. So, keep in mind you do need to discuss it, and you do need to watch your child for signs that he may be involved with alcohol. [MUSIC]

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